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UPHA Chapter 9 Horsemen’s Auction Held October 6



On October 6, 2005, UPHA Chapter 9 held its fundraiser, the Third Annual Horsemen and Women's Fall Sale, during the Kentucky Fall Classic. This fundraiser raised over $35,000 in the past two years, benefiting the UPHA Chapter 9 and the Dewey Henderson Benevolent Fund. This year, the auction raised over $33,000, with proceeds benefiting Mark Webster and family. This event is a great time, and this year was no exception. Fun was had by all!


A big thank you goes to all of the "consignments", "consignors", purchasers and sponsors from the past three years for their time and involvement. Also a big thank you to the UPHA Chapter 9 Fundraising committee: Heather Marchiafava, Andréa Nelson, Kristin Stivers, Crystal Everett and Lisa Cox Sparrow.


Below is a list of "consignments" and purchasers.


Lot 1: Chad Graham & Gabe Deknatel: $700 by Ann Tierney Smith


Lot 2: Fred Sarver: $200 by Scott Perrelli/Susan Shepard


Lot 3: John Conatser: $800 by Tracy Garcia


Lot 4: Vicki Gillenwater: $500 by Dee Teater


Our Charm: $2000 by Jimmy Robertson


Santana's Charm: $1500 by Billy Jarrell


Lot 5: Melinda Moore: OUT


Lot 6: Kris & Bill Knight: $800 by Moe Anson & Gail Kline


"Manhattan Toy" horse: $400 by Ann Tierney Smith


Lot 7: Randy Harper: $500 by Katy Theodorou


Lot 8: Joel Brown: $500 by Scott Perrelli/Susan Shepard


Lot 9: Don Harris: $350 by Cathie Simmons


Lot 10: Larry Hodge: $300 by Melissa Moore


Callaway's Northern Kiss: $1100 by John & Dorothy Lenore


Callaway's Wish Me Will: $1100 by Carolyn Garrett


Only Man In Town: $450 by Jerry Cummins


Harlem Town: $1400 by John & Dorothy Lenore


Periaptor (late addition): $1500 by John & Tammie Conatser


Box Seats and Party at Mane Event: $600 by Vicki Reed


Lot 11: Chris & Christy Gantly: $250 by Neace/Johnson


Lot 12: Rob Byers: $1200 by Mary Gaylord McClean


Lot 13: Tara Duff & Ellis Waggoner: $200 by Moe Anson/Gail Kline


Lot 14: Dena Lopez: $150 by Katy Theodorou


Lot 15: Don Mattingly: $1300 by A.E. Nelson


Lot 16: Tre' Lee: $1300 by Moe Anson/Gail Kline


Sir William Robert: $2200 by High Hickory Farm


Superior's Successor: $300 by Beth Jones


Jon Bugatti: $600 by Martin Teater


Con Heir: $100 by Erika Justus


Walsh Harness: $1000 by Maribelle Granger


Lot 17: Melissa Moore: $1400 by Autumn Hunt (Melissa announced at auction, you could bring your horse with you!)


Lot 18: Bret Day: $400 by Lisa Jones/Tom Biederman


Lot 19: Scott Bennett: $500 by Moe Anson/Gail Kline


Lot 20: Michele Macfarlane & Ashley Hallock: $5200 by A.E. Nelson


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