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UPHA Chapter 5 Fundraiser Auction List

The UPHA Chapter 5 Fundraiser will be held Saturday night at 7 p.m. There will be a silent and a live auction, with the following items up for bid. If you would like to place a bid on a Live or Silent Auction item, contact David “Tuffy” Owens at 602-579-3738 or [email protected], Robert Gardiner at 630-222-8599 or [email protected], or Anna Marie Knipp at 314-605-4622 or [email protected].

1.    UPHA Chapter 5 Horse Show:  two stalls, reserved table, one page advertising in show program **

2.    UPHA Chapter 5 Horse Show front cover of show program **

3.    UPHA Chapter 5 Horse show back cover of show program **

4.    UPHA Chapter 5 Horse Show inside front cover of show program

5.    UPHA Chapter 5 Horse show inside back cover of show program

6.    UPHA Chapter 5 Horse Show center spread of show program **

7.    Gift certificate from Glasscocks

8.    Creech Horse Transportation:  one way for one horse central MO area to Louisville/Lexington area  **

9.    Boone County Fair Horse Show one stall and reserved table

10.    Central States Benefit Horse Show two stalls

11.    Saddle & Bridle color upgrade for one page of advertising

12.    Saddle Horse Report color upgrade for one page of advertising

13.    Year In Review 2012 color upgrade

14.    Tote bag by COACH

15.    McAdams gift basket with 8 Jaliska goblets

16.    McAdams gift basket with ornaments, etc.

17.    McAdams gift basket with candlesticks and candles

18.    McAdams gift basket with Jaliska charger, candlesticks, and bowl

19.    McAdams gift basket with potpourri, etc.

20.    Free pedicure at Salon Envie, Columbia, MO

21.    Breeding fee to Racing Stripes **

22.    $200 Radon certificate towards a trunk item

23.    Radon jogging sheet

24.    Radon saddle pad

25.    Mizzou basketball tickets (2) and parking pass for February 19, 2013 Columbia, Missouri with Mizzou bags and items**

26    St. Louis Cardinals jersey

27.    Custom shirt from Becker Brothers

28.    Color upgrade to The National Horseman on one page of advertising

29.    Set of clippers from Mid Western Veterinary Supply

30.    ASHA Wall of Fame

31.    ASHA gift basket

32.    Reset from Mike Carlson

33.    Wesley Knipfel fish fry

34.    Fainting goat 4 months old  Photo on Facebook/delivered to KC area

35.    16 x 20 Howard Schatzberg photograph

36.    2 Seehorse video class scans at UPHA Chapter 5 Horse Show

37.    2 equine chiropractic adjustments by Equine Alignments

38.    Bill McDonald shoes

39.    Rick Medd items

40.    American Royal package--2 stalls, 2 exhibitor badges, parking pass, show program

41.    Terry Bennett's donation items

42.    Logsdon Landscaping stall decoration at UPHA Chapter 5 Horse Show**

43.    Potted flowers/plants from Trinklein Nurseries

44.    Anne Horshall wreath value $125 with theme--photo on Facebook

45.    Middendorf Chicago condo for two nights:  two bedrooms, two baths downtown **

46.    $50 gift certificate to Show Horse Tack

47.    Rita Diekroeger brownies

48.    Kelly Greenwell cookies

49.    Calvary Horse Show stall

50.    Midwest Charity Horse Show stall

51.    Wine

52.    Year In Review book

53    Key chain with horse head

54.    Coach bag

55.  Walsh shackle books

56.  Reset from Truman Volkart

57.   Reset from Adam Trimble

58.  Farm call from Dr Bob Barnett, Fulton, MO

59.    Seven $10 gift certificates to The Town Topic, Kansas City, Missouri    

60.  Stallion service to Callaway's Bluesman **

61.  Stallion service to Undulata's Heir Apparent **

62.    Stall at 2013 Peep Show, Kansas City, MO

63.  1950 medallion from Huntsville Horse Show

64.  Mosquito Zapper

65.  16" horsehair necklace

66.   Mary Kay Cosmetics gift basket

67.  Reset from Willy Ropp

68.  Circa 1930 magazines (2) with George Ford Morris art

69.  "Arthur Simmons--Icon Of The Horse World" by Jane Simmons signed by Jimmy Simmons, published 2007

70.    25 bales of 2013 cutting hay

71.  Items from Terry Bennett's Tack

** Denotes Live auction item

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