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UPHA Caretaker Of The Year Award - Wanda Westbrook


Wanda Westbrook was presented with the UPHA Caretaker of the Year Award

by her daughter, Tammy DeVore. (photo by Jane Jacobs)


(Editor’s Note: The following speech was read by Tammy DeVore on Friday, Jan. 5, 2007 at the UPHA/AHHS Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio.)

The UPHA Caretaker of the Year Award is going to someone that I'm sure you all have at home. The person that you can't do without...they organize the tack trunks, delegate the jobs, stay on top of the meds and other important jobs.

My mother, Wanda Westbrook, is that person and so much more. She helped me build my barn, nail-by-nail, stays up with sick horses all night and keeps me focused when I am losing my cool with a young or tough horse. She takes care of the clients when I can't and she's my best friend. I couldn't do without her.


Her favorite horses include: Jewels Teton, Royalty In Black, Believe Her, For Goodness Sakes, Moet, The Champagne Lady, Bazooka Joe, Worthy's First Lady and Touch Of Pizzazz.


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