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UPHA Announces Dabora UPHA Classics


       UPHA President Randy Harper has announced that Dabora, Inc., is the new corporate sponsor for the UPHA Classics program.
  “We are delighted to announce our three-year $50,000 corporate
sponsorship with Dabora. David Howard and Saddle Horse Report, Horse World and World Champion Horse Equipment have been supportive of the UPHA for thirty years. We are excited to be naming the program the Dabora UPHA Classics in honor of their support.”
   The UPHA Classics originated in 1974 to stimulate interest in young horses and to provide owners and trainers an opportunity to receive substantial prize money. In 1977, the first UPHA Saddlebred Classic
Grand Championship was held at the American Royal Horse Show in Kansas City, Mo.
   Since that time, the UPHA Classics program has grown and there are qualifying classes held at most major Saddlebred and Morgan horse shows. The UPHA Classics is a well-planned and proven program that contributes
to the growth and prosperity of the show horse industry.
   “We are pleased to be a part of this outstanding UPHA program. We have always been very involved with the UPHA. We have coordinated live and silent auctions, we have produced the UPHA magazine and the UPHA
newsletter, and we have always been very involved in fundraising programs. It is exciting to begin a new level of involvement,” said Dabora publisher Christy Howard Parsons.
   The UPHA Classics are designed to be prestigious classes. The intent is to promote a high caliber event and generate a greater prize money return for the young show horse.
   The UPHA Classics are offered in the following divisions: (Saddlebred) Three-Gaited, Five-Gaited, Fine Harness, Park Pleasure (Hackney Pony) Hackney Pony Cobtail, Harness Pony, Roadster Pony, Pleasure Pony (Morgan) Park Harness, Pleasure Driving, Hunter Pleasure.
   The UPHA Classics Grand Championships are offered for Three-Year-Old and under American Saddlebreds and Morgans and Four-Year-Old and under Hackney Ponies at the National Championship/American Royal Horse Show in
   To be eligible for competition in the grand championships, a horse or pony must have placed first through sixth in any UPHA Classic qualifying class and both the owner and trainer of the entry must be an active or associate member of the UPHA.
   For more information about the Dabora UPHA Classics,
contact Karen Richardson at (859) 231-5070 or

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