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UPHA Almost Summer Horse Show


The UPHA Almost Summer Horse Show, Denver, Colo., announces that Lisa Waller of Heiskell, Tenn., will be judging both Saddlebreds and Morgan horses at this year’s show. The show will have a full complement of classes for both breeds on June 13-16.


New this year, and in keeping with the idea of marketing the Saddlebred horses to new riders, Almost Summer is offering for the first time a Five-Gaited Amateur Novice Rider class. This classis being included with other novice rider classes that have been part of the show for years.


Almost Summer has always been known for its fun atmosphere and great parties. Along these lines, the show is planning to take Thursday, June 14 as a day of extra fun. A white water rafting trip has been scheduled for horse show enthusiasts on this day prior to the start of the show. Rafting trips for both beginners and experienced rafters will take two to three hours. Idaho Springs, where the trips take place, is only 45 minutes from the horse show grounds.


For more information on the show or the raft trip, contact Farra Baker at (303) 355-7633 or email

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