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Updates on ASB Western Country Pleasure Invitational At World’s Championship Horse Show


The Kentucky State Fair World's Championship Horse Show has added a qualifying class and a championship at the 2006 show for American Saddlebred Western Country Pleasure horses. There will be 16 horses invited to participate and they will be selected from two divisions. The first division will be from July 3, 2005 to December 31, 2005, with the second division being from January 1, 2006 to July 2, 2006. There will also be eight alternate horses chosen from the 2006 section to replace any of the 16 entrants that choose not to participate. The horses are to be chosen by a point system based on the USEF Horse of the Year Awards, and are to be tabulated and verified by the American Saddlebred Horse Association.  


All American Saddlebreds competing in Western Country Pleasure classes at USEF licensed competitions will be eligible for consideration. The American Saddlebred Horse Association will verify all results and point totals on behalf of the Kentucky State Fair World’s Championship Horse Show. The Kentucky State Fair reserves the right to resolve any dispute as to the accuracy of the point total used to determine which horses are deemed eligible to compete. 


The information explaining the criteria used to determine the horses that will be invited to participate in this qualifying class and championship is listed below. It is also the responsibility of the owner or trainer of the invited horse to enter this class and championship on the official entry blank and by the closing dates for the Western Pleasure division as specified in the detailed qualifying criteria.


Points will be tabulated as follows:

1.      Only classes at USEF licensed competitions for Saddlebred Western Country Pleasure, including Saddle and Bridle’s Shatner Western Pleasure classes, and Saddle and Bridle’s Shatner Junior Exhibitor Western Pleasure 2005 Finals, count for points. Working Western Pleasure classes are not counted.

2.      For purposes of qualifying for the 2006 Kentucky State Fair, no competitions except those specifically described hereinafter will be considered as “triple point competitions.”

3.      Points will be awarded to eligible horses for ribbons won in each class except as specifically described hereinafter, from first place through sixth place, as follows:  20, 12, 8, 4, 2, 1. 

4.      In classes held with two horses receiving awards, points are awarded for first place and second place, as follows:  4, 2.

5.       In classes held with one horse receiving an award, points are awarded for first place only, as follows:  2.

6.      For the St. Louis National Horse Show, September 28 through October 1, 2005, designated by USEF as the National Championship for Saddlebred Western Country Pleasure, triple points are awarded for the Championship and/or Stake, to include the $5,000 Shatner Grand Championship, $5,000 Shatner Junior Exhibitor Grand Championship, and the $750 Western Country Pleasure Championship. Double points are awarded for qualifying classes at that show for these two championships. Single points are awarded for any qualifying class at that show for the 2006 Finals.

7.      To break any tie necessary to determine the invitation list, preference shall be given to the horse that has accumulated its point total from awards in the fewest classes with the greatest number of total entries.

8.      For purposes of potential Western Country Pleasure qualifying for the 2007 Kentucky State Fair, points will not be accumulated at the Kentucky State Fair by horses competing in the 2006 Kentucky State Fair; performances at the 2006 Kentucky State Fair will be excluded from potential qualifying point-totals for the 2007 competition.

9.      In preparing the final invitation list, the eight horses from the 2005 qualifying section will be decided first, eliminating all duplicates, if any, between that section and the 2006 qualifying section. The eight remaining places will then be invited from the unduplicated qualifiers from the 2006 qualifying section, plus those potentially selected from the 2006 “Also Eligible” list.

10.  The preliminary point rankings from the 2005 qualifying section will be released on or before April 1. Any questions or disputes regarding these point rankings must be made formally, in writing, either by fax or US mail, and received no later than Monday, April 10. The final point rankings from the 2005 qualifying section will be released on or about Friday, April 15. The full mailing address is listed below: 


                            The Kentucky State Fair

                            c/o Horse Show Manager

                            937 Phillips Ave.

                            Louisville, KY 40233


11.  Ongoing point rankings from the 2006 qualifying section will be released on a weekly basis beginning on or before May 1, including competition results received and verified by USEF and/or ASHA through the preceding week. Competitions held at or immediately prior to the entry closing deadline for the 2006 Kentucky State Fair will be urged to provide their official results to USEF and/or ASHA immediately upon the conclusion of the competition. The final point rankings for the 2006 qualifying section will be released immediately after their computation, on or about July 6, including at least eight horses listed in rank order as “Also Eligible.” Should any of the 16 horses (excluding duplicates between the two qualifying sections) fail to enter the Kentucky State Fair (provided all required payments and entries have been received in full, as specified in the prize list, at the Horse Show Office by 5 p.m. EST on July 14), formal invitations will be extended to horses on the “Also Eligible” list, in rank order, to provide the full complement of 16 horses for the event. All horses on the “Also Eligible” list may enter immediately upon its release; any horse whose entry cannot be accepted will have all fees refunded.  In no event will any entry or payment from “Also Eligible” horses be accepted after Wednesday, July 19 at 5 p.m. EST.

12.  The Kentucky State Fair World's Championship Horse Show reserves to itself, without limitation, the sole and unconditional right to interpret any question or dispute with regard to the interpretation of the above, including any ancillary questions, without further recourse, and its decisions shall be final.


Highest Ranking 2005 Qualified Horses (Top 8)


                Horse’s Name - Owner - Total Points

                Sedona Red - Mary Strohfus - 160 pts.

                In The Zone - Susan Honkamp - 155 pts.

                Kansas City - Bill & Beth Oliver - 140 pts.

                Braveheart of Silver Oaks - Dennis & Kim Gallenberg - 138 pts.

                Presley - Carousel Farm - 132 pts.

                CH Fiasco - Carolyn Glick - 126 pts.

                CH A Magic Surprise - Pat Johnson - 112 pts.

                Paint By Numbers - Janet Thompson - 111 pts.

Click here
for complete details of shows where the above horses earned points.

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