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An Update on Justin Cowley

April 8:
Justin Cowley is back in intensive care for approximately four more days with an acute rejection, which usually happens about a week after the transplant. A single episode of acute rejection is not a cause for great concern if recognized and treated promptly and rarely leads to organ failure.

According to Justin's Facebook update from yesterday, he "is in ICU for five more days starting today; five days of rough treatment to get this thing working! Let's hope."

April 2:
Justin Cowley, who received a kidney transplant from his mother, Leetta Beachum, last Friday, is recovering nicely and could be released from the hospital in just a few more days. Leetta was released Wednesday afternoon and is very happy to be home.

Visitors are still being kept to a minimum for Justin, but he is ecstatic to be out of intensive care. His body is fully functioning on its own, and the prognosis looks great!

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