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2006 United Professional Horsemen’s Association Awards


The following awards were presented at this weekend’s UPHA Annual Convention. Complete coverage, including speeches and presentations, will follow later this week.


Tom Moore Hall of Fame

Richard and Jeanette Durant

Ross Drake

Randy Tabor


Richard Lavery Professional Horseman's Award

Nelson Green


Sallie B. Wheeler Distinguished Service Award

Dr. George Raque

Dr. Margaret McNeese


Helen Crabtree Equitation Instructor of The Year Award

Nancy Becker


Herman Miles Horse Show Manager of The Year Award

Peter Fenton


Shirley Parkinson Professional Achievment Award

Brent Jacobs


UPHA Young Trainer of the Year Award

Tre Lee


UPHA Caretaker of the Year Award

Wendy Westbrook


Associate Membership Award

Shirley K. Smith


National Honor Show (Saddlebred)

Midwest Charity Horse Show, Judy Kjellander, Manager


National Honor Show (Morgan)

New England Morgan Horse Show, Fred Nava, Manager


2006 UPHA Chapter Horsemen of the Year

Chapter 1 – James Cherry

Chapter 2 – Tim Arcuri

Chapter 3/4 – Bob Jensen

Chapter 5 – Mike Roberts

Chapter 6/7 – Jack McGill

Chapter 8 – James Hale

Chapter 9 – Bret C. Day

Chapter 10 – Julie Ann Wroble & Thomas Thorpe

Chapter 11 – Mindy Preston

Chapter 12 – Heather Boodey

Chapter 13 – Jennifer Taylor

Chapter 14 – David & Kristen Cater

Chapter 15 – Phyllis Ann Zuber

Chapter 16 – Don Judd

Chapter 17 – Eddie B. Womble

Chapter 18 – Smith Lilly

Chapter 19 – Kimberly Vogel

Chapter 20 – Allan Devore


2006 UPHA Chapter Honor Shows

Chapter 1 – UPHA Chapter One Woodside Horse Show

Chapter 2 – NWSA Fall Classic Horse Show

Chapter 3/4 – Madison Classic Horse Show

Chapter 5 – St. Louis National Charity Horse Show
Chapter 6/7 - Pin Oak Charity Horse Show
Chapter 8 - Chattanooga/Cleveland Horse Show

Chapter 9 – Rock Creek Horse Show

Chapter 10 – Midwest Charity Horse Show

Chapter 11 – All American Horse Classic

Chapter 12 – Charlotte Charity Horse Show

Chapter 13 – Springfield Charity Horse Show

Chapter 14 – UPHA Chapter 14 Spring Premier Horse Show

Chapter 15 – Children’s Benefit Horse Show

Chapter 16 – Harvest Days Horse Show

Chapter 17 – Mid-Summer Classic Horse Show

Chapter 18 – ASHAV Horse Show

Chapter 19 – Almost Summer Horse Show

Chapter 20 – MHSA Medallion Horse Show

2006 UPHA Horse/Pony of The Year Awards

Saddlebred Open Five Gaited

According To Lynn

          Owner: Mary Gaylord McClean

          Trainer: Rob Byers


Saddlebred Amateur Five Gaited


Owner: Carol Hillenbrand     

Trainer: John Conatser


Saddlebred Ladies Five Gaited

CH Walterway’s Remember Me

          Owner: Ceil and Kenny Wheeler

Trainer:  Nelson Green


Saddlebred Junior Exhibitor Five Gaited

CH Tigerlee

          Owner:  Pixie Dust and Steel, James and Helen Rosburg

Trainer:  Ruth Gimpel


Saddlebred Five Gaited Pony

CH Sammyshine

            Owner:  Cydni Elise Simmons

Trainer:  Tammy DeVore


Saddlebred Open Three Gaited

New York’s Perfect Gift

          Owner:  Elizabeth Thomas

Trainer:  John Conatser


Saddlebred Amateur Three Gaited          


          Owner:  James Orr

Trainer:  Larry Hodge


Saddlebred Ladies Three Gaited

Strawberry Pie

          Owner: Christy Weaver Gantley

Trainer: Danette Musselman


Saddlebred Junior Exhibitor Three Gaited

CH Blackberry Delight

          Owner:  Shannon Sewell

          Trainers: Andy and Lynda Freseth


Saddlebred Three Gaited Pony

Royalty In Black

          Owner:  Alexandria Wellington

          Trainer:  Lewis P. Eckard


Saddlebred Open Three Gaited Park


          Owner:  Elizabeth Shatner and/or Dorothy Anderson

          Trainer: Dena Lopez


Saddlebred Amateur Three Gaited Park

CH A Step Of Time

          Owner:  Luanne Kilday

          Trainer: Debbie Foley


Saddlebred Open Fine Harness

CH Callaway’s Copyright

          Owner:  Fox Grape Farm

          Trainer:  John T. Jones


Saddlebred Amateur Fine Harness

CH Kalarama’s New Sensation

          Owner:  Priscilla Gise

          Trainers: Andy and Lynda Freseth


Saddlebred Adult Show Pleasure

CH Ninety-Eight Degrees

          Owner:  Nancy Leigh Fisher

          Trainers: Andy and Lynda Freseth  


Saddlebred Junior Exhibitor Show Pleasure

New York Style

          Owner:  Maguire Hall LLC

          Trainer:  Patty Milligan                    


Saddlebred Show Pleasure Driving

Candle Dan

          Owner:  Carl &/Or Kathryn Nichols

          Trainer:  Bill Waller


Saddlebred Five Gaited Show Pleasure

CH Sprinkles

          Owner:  Michele Macfarlane

          Trainer:  Michele Macfarlane


Saddlebred Adult Country Pleasure Driving

CH Callaway’s Pretty Penny

            Owner:  Brown-Anderson Farms

          Trainers:  Andy and Lynda Freseth


Saddlebred Adult Country Pleasure Saddle

CH The Shadow Knows

          Owner:  Brown-Anderson Farm

          Trainers: Andy and Lynda Freseth


Saddlebred Juvenile Country Pleasure Saddle

Kalarama’s High Roller

          Owner:  Pixie Dust and Steel, James and Helen Rosburg

          Trainer:  Ruth Gimpel


Saddlebred Open Western Pleasure

CH Fiasco

          Owner:  Carolyn Glick

          Trainer:  Michael Craghead


Open Roadster Horse

Big Red

          Owner:  DeLovely Farm, Inc.

          Trainer: Raymond Shively


Ladies/Amateur Roadster Horse

The Gambler

          Owner:  Leatherwood Farm

          Trainer:  Melissa Moore


Open Hackney Pony

Fancy Ribbons

Owner:  Randi Wightman

Trainer:  Marilyn Macfarlane


Ladies/Amateur Hackney Pony

Classical Dancer

          Owner:  Mr. and Mrs. Edward Frickey

          Trainers: Randy and Denessa Harper


Open Harness Pony

Heartland Expectation

          Owner:  Mr. and Mrs. Edward Frickey

          Trainers: Randy and Denessa Harper


Ladies/Amateur Harness Pony

Seamair Sensation

          Owner:  Rudy and Sharon Lewis

          Trainers:  Maureen Lydon and Rich Campbell


Open Roadster Pony

Free Willy

          Owner:  Georgia Blevins

          Trainers:  Maureen Lyndon and Rich Campbell


Junior Exhibitor Roadster Pony

Heartland Painted Creation

          Owner:  Luanne Kilday

          Trainer:  Debbie Foley


Amateur Roadster Pony

Calvin Hobbs

          Owner: Priscilla Gise

          Trainer:  Andy and Lynda Freseth


Amateur Hackney Pony Pleasure Driving

Early Edition

          Owner: Jane Mueller

          Trainer:  Gib Marcucci


Juvenile Hackney Pony Pleasure Driving

Razzle Dazzle Me

          Owner:  Lauren & Elizabeth Mathewson

          Trainers:  Randy and Denessa Harper


Morgan Ladies Park Saddle


          Owner:  Barbara and Arthur Jones

          Trainer: Judy Whitney Harris


Morgan Open Park Harness

JW That Special Flaire

          Owner:  Tara Farm, Fran Pugh

          Trainer:  Judy Whitney Harris


Morgan Classic Pleasure

Intrepid Mortal Beloved

          Owner:  Kourt Jester Morgans, Dr. & Mrs. William Silber

          Trainer:  Tim Roesink


Morgan Open Pleasure Driving

Dragonsmeade Carnaros

          Owner:  John & Nancy Hendricks

          Trainer: Tim Roesink


Morgan Classic Pleasure Driving

Libretto’s Bravado

          Owner:  Cadence Farm LLC

          Trainer:  Phil Fountain


Morgan Amateur English Pleasure

Paradigm Hot Chocolate

          Owner:  Kourt Jester Morgans, Dr. & Mrs. William Silber

          Trainer:  Tim Roesink


Morgan Juvenile English Pleasure

Almost Famous

          Owners: Caitlin Howard and Bonnie Howard

          Trainer: Tim Roesink


Morgan Ladies Pleasure Driving

Festival Calypso

          Owner:  Stephanie Connor

          Trainer:  Tim Arcuri

2006 UPHA Classics Grand Champions

Saddlebred Five Gaited Classic Champion

Catalyst’s Work Of Art

Andy Freseth, Trainer

Nancy Leigh Fisher, Owner

Saddlebred Three Gaited Classic Champion

Harlem’s Showman

Robert Gardiner, Trainer

Equi-Elegance Ltd., Owner

Saddlebred Fine Harness Classic Champion

Joe Friday

Nelson Green, Trainer

Kenny and Ceil Wheeler, Owners

Saddlebred Park Pleasure Classic Champion

The Rock Star

John Conatser, Trainer

Locksley Hall LLC, Owner

Hackney Pony Classic Champion

Lord Ovation

Larry Bacon, Trainer

Mr. and Mrs. Art Birtcher, Owners

Hackney Harness Pony Classic Champion

Heartland Beautiful Dreamer

Maureen Lydon, Trainer

Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Kolkman, Owners

Hackney Roadster Pony Classic Champion

Heartland In A Minute

Jimmy Miller, Trainer

High Spirits Farm, Owner

Hackney Pleasure Pony Classic Champion

Hawkeye’s Seven Eleven

Maureen Lydon, Trainer

Rudy and Sharon Lewis, Owners

Morgan Park Harness Classic Champion

Dragonsmeade Maximara

Stan Bodnar, Trainer

Dragonsmeade, Owner

Morgan Pleasure Driving Classic Champion

TE Ammunition

Stan Bodnar, Trainer

Tazewell Enterprises, Owner

Morgan Hunter Pleasure Classic Champion

MEM Scan-Del-Less

John Hufferd, Trainer

Joy and Dennis Rumsey, Owners

Divisional Horse/Pony of The Year Awards


Saddlebred Five Gaited:

According To Lynn


Saddlebred Three Gaited:

CH Blackberry Delight


Saddlebred Fine Harness:

CH Callaway’s Copyright


Saddlebred Pleasure:

Candle Dan


Roadster Horse:

Big Red


Hackney Pony:

Classical Dancer


Harness Pony:

Heartland Expectation


Roadster Pony:

Free Willy


Hackney Pony Pleasure Driving:

Early Edition


Morgan Park Horse:

JW That Special Flaire


Morgan Pleasure Horse:

Paradigm Hot Chocolate

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