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Two-Year-Old Sweepstakes nominations and payments grace period deadline Friday, June 10

American Saddlebred Registry Two-Year-Old Sweepstakes nominations and payments must be postmarked by Friday, June 10 for the grace period deadline.

The American Saddlebred Two-, Three- and Four-Year-Old Sweepstakes is designed to perpetuate the breeding, training, and showing of American Saddlebreds. Entries in the Two-, Three- and Four-Year-Old Sweepstakes compete in the following classes: three-gaited, five-gaited, fine harness and three-gaited park pleasure. The Sweepstakes classes are held at the All American Horse Classic in Indianapolis, Indiana
, in September and are conducted under the rules of United States Equestrian Federation.

The Sweepstakes differ from the Futurity program in that nominations for sires, dams, and weanlings are not required. The horse is nominated as a yearling to the Two- and Three-Year-Old Sweepstakes and is nominated to the Four-Year-Old Sweepstakes in its three-year-old year. Another unique feature of the American Saddlebred Sweepstakes program is that the judge selection is done by a vote of the Sweepstakes’ participants, with the approval of the ASHA Sweepstakes Committee. Prize money is divided between the recorded owner at the time of competition and the original nominator(s).

In 2004, prize money was distributed as follows: Two-Year-Old Sweepstakes – $22,154.56, Three-Year-Old Sweepstakes – $77,569.23, and Four-Year-Old Sweepstakes - $22, 629.21.


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