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Two Face Time for Animal Cruelty

Posted May 30, 2002
Harry Richardson, Jr., and his daughter, Mary Helen Richardson were sentenced to 60 days in a Dutchess County jail for animal cruelty.

The pair was convicted in December, 2001 of neglecting their American Saddlebred horses. They will serve their jail time on weekends. As part of their sentence they cannot care for, or own any animals for the next three years. A hearing was also set for May 10 to determine how much restitution the Richardsons must pay the Dutchess County Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), which has spent over $50,000 caring for the horses since they were seized in April, 2001.

Harry Richardson also faces charges in New Jersey. He was previously convicted of neglecting the same horses when they were kept on Alexandria Township Farm. He is on probation for those charges as well as writing bad checks and failure to return a rental car.

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