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TSE/Tattersalls 2007 Spring Sale DVD now available

Lexington, Ky. ­– ASHA’s Webcast of the TSE/Tattersalls 2007 Spring Sale is now available on DVD.  The two-disc set features the top 40 sellers and is available for purchase for $15.00 on the Association’s Web site by clicking here


The sale, as conducted by Teater Saddlebred Enterprises, Inc., took place on April 13 and 14 at Tattersalls Sales Pavilion at the Red Mile in Lexington.  ASHA provided a Webcast (a live video stream) of the sale each day and offered it as a pay-per-view event on its Web site.  Video from the Webcast of the sale’s top 40 sellers has been converted to DVD format and is now available.


Proceeds from DVD sales will benefit the Association’s Saddlebred promotional fund.

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