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Tristanne Weber Childress Youth Fund

Tristanne Weber Childress

The Virginia Morgan Horse Club, Inc. is proud to sponsor a fund that will be set up to sponsor and encourage Morgan Youth in the name of Tristanne Weber Childress. In lieu of flowers, the family and friends of Tristanne would appreciate donations to this worthwhile cause. The Club Treasurer and directions for these contributions are below.  All who knew her would agree that this is what she would have preferred.

A committee of VCMHC members, including Tristanne's husband and parents, has been formed to administer this worthwhile fund. The committee wants donors to know that these funds will be used to sponsor an AMHA Youth, on a national basis, to enable participation in the Grand Nationals Morgan Youth of the Year Competition. This will be a need-based decision by the committee. Please direct any further questions to Tristanne's good friend, Mrs. Diana Swanson, Chair of the "Tristanne Childress Youth Fund", at

Please send contributions to:
Mr. Mitch Ehrlich
VCMHC, Treasurer
4500 Hollow Oaks Drive
Chapel Hill, NC  27516

Make Check Payable to:
"VCMHC" - Include in 'Memo Line'
"Tristanne Childress - Youth Fund"

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