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Tri State Horsemen's Association Fair Task Force Needs You

The Tri-State Horsemen's Association is looking for help in saving the Minnesota State Fair Horse Show. The show is in danger of not being held next year due to low participation. Tri-State has created a task force to save one of the greatest shows in the area. The Minnesota State Fair drew 1.6 million people last year and has some of the best payouts in the area.

The task force is looking to increase the prize money by $50,000 this year in addition to the $35,000 the state fair gives out for a total purse of $85,000. The task force is already halfway to its goal.

The task force has also been working hand in hand with the Minnesota State Fair personnel to address all the issues previously surrounding the fair. There will be 40-50 additional parking spaces this year with no increase in the number of passes sold in 2008.

There will be a safety lane to and from the coliseum to keep the public away from the horses.

The horse show will be free to all spectators. The state fair tried this for one session of the horse show in 2008 and had a standing room only crowd. There is no better venue in which to show your horse and advertise your stable than the Minnesota State Fair.

The task force is looking for donations to meet its financial goals of increasing the prize money across all breeds and disciplines exhibiting at the Minnesota State Fair. If you would like to donate, please make checks payable to Tri State Horsemen's Association and send to the care of Joleen Waalen, 1770 Nolan Ave. N., Stillwater, MN 55082. You can determine which breed or discipline your money will help support; simply note MN State Fair and the breed (if desired) in the memo area of your check.

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