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Trailer Accident Update

(Editors' Note: The following is an update from Stacy Hennessy)

To everyone that reached out today with messages, posts, calls and texts, Thank you. It is a welcomed reminder of how close our horse world is. I am sorry for not having answered most of you as I’ve been driving all day. 

Tomorrow we will have trailers in Oklahoma City to prepare the horses to get to their homes in California and get Gerry home. Thank you to Paul Brisco for always being there to help and for driving to Oklahoma with me and thank you to Cierra Holz for coming along to help drive. 

I cannot begin to say how sad I am to be returning home without a part of our team. Wyatt Martin, you have become a part of our world and you’ll be terribly missed. I hope you knew how loved you were by so very many people. The world lost a bright light that was always ready to help with a smile. We lost a friend that we could count on. I know how much you loved hauling horses and we are grateful that you chose to do so with us. Thank you for doing everything you could to make sure Gerry and the horses got out of this alive, I have no doubt that was your priority. My thoughts and prayers are with your family, whom you adored and adored you. 

You made a lot of friends in your short life…I hope you’ll be watching over us all and making sure we remember to enjoy life, do what we love, and wear some crocs.

To the wonderful friends that we have in Oklahoma, thank you simply isn’t enough. Chad K Morgan, Mallory Mignot, Dr. Mike Johnston…Thank you for all of your help in getting Gerry through this day and helping him take care of the horses and get them to safety. I have no idea how to express our gratitude but know that you made a huge difference today.

It’s been almost 24 hours since I got the call that there had been an accident and it’s still hard to believe. Thank you for everything Wy-Wy…you made our world better.

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