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Tragedy Averted At Devon

Sarah Coxe Lange, President & CEO, Devon Horse Show and Country Fair reported that sometime between the hours of 2:00 AM and 2:15 AM Saturday, May 31, there was an electrical fire, which started in barn #1. The fire was caused by an electrical failure in the tack room of Siren Song Stables. No horses were injured and damage was limited to the chandelier and the collection of Glasscock designer gowns, which had been part the Saddlebred Saviours charity trunk show that took place earlier in the day.

Lukens Stables’ assistant trainer Alyssa Boushon and caretaker/farrier Zach Ladensack had just finished putting away the last horse and were relaxing in the barn before calling it a night.  They smelled the smoke, wandered up to the barn where it was coming from and noticed flames coming from one of the tack rooms. They acted immediately and without hesitation. Together they pulled the rack of garments out to the street where it was away from the stalls, rushed back to get the chandelier.  Just as they had everything out, Kevin Bungarner, the manure hauler for the grounds, arrived.  He had been in another area of the stables on his lift and noticed the smoke.  He rushed over with his lift thinking he might have to help get horses out. Fortunately, these two quick acting individuals had diverted the situation and everything was under control by the time he and the fire department arrived. The Devon Horse Show Foundation gave Alyssa and Zach each a $500 reward for acting so quickly in what could have been a catastrophic situation. Fortunately, no horses were hurt, although Alyssa did suffer some burns while moving the clothing and chandelier out of the way.

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