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Thomas Pettry Family Inducted Into Horse Show Hall Of Fame


Editor's Note: The following speech was read by announcer Dennis Porick
Friday evening, Sept. 30, 2005 at the St. Louis National Charity Horse Show.

Please welcome tonight's sponsor of the St. Louis National Charity Horse
Show, Royal Scot Stables' Mr. and Mrs. Tom Pettry.

Royal Scot Stables, founded in 1966, has been a long time supporter of the St. Louis National. Their horse CH Starfire Fox was Saddle & Bridle's Working Western Pleasure World Grand Champion and two time Saddle & Bridle Hunt Seat Classic World Grand Champion. Royal Scot's Cash Back has been a three time Amateur Five-Gaited Grand Champion here at the St. Louis National.

The 2005 inductee into the hall of fame is the Thomas Pettry family. The Pettry family has been involved in the Saddlebred industry for over 30 years. In 1966, Jeanne's parents, Donald and Marjorie Fergusson, founded Royal Scot Stables in Richmond, Ill.

Along with their daughter and her family they have owned, shown and bred many top Saddlebreds and Hackney ponies. Their horses have competed in shows across the country, from California to Florida, and everywhere in between.

Pettry horses include: Lady Cameron, City Glitter, Olivier, Beau Ollie, Jimmy James, Callaway's Frank James, M-80, Tartan Twilight, Callaway's Scoop The News, Bazooka Joe, Pocket Charm, Net Worth, Rocky Santana, Whatta Wise Guy, Iron Will, The Estimator, What A Memory, Callaway's Cameo, Cash Back, Missy's Flying Genius, Callaway's Newscaster, Nosy Decision, Special Steel, Itchy Foot Moe, Our Good Fortune, One Step Above, Mahvalous Asset, Seventh Avenue, Star Track, Magna Cum Laude, Starfire Fox, and the list goes on.

Under the Pettry family's ownership, their horses have won top ribbons, many of them world's championships.

Jeanne, Tom and their children Donna, Kristen, Tom D. and Andrew have all been exhibitors in virtually every division over the years. Jeanne and Tom have passed down their love of American Saddlebreds to their children. They have all been great supporters of horse shows and breed organizations around the country, including the great St. Louis National Charity Horse Show.


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