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The American Saddlebred Registry Announces Amnesty on Registry Fees

An Amnesty on Applications for Registration will be offered for Applications for Registration postmarked in March 2019.  For all horses over the age of 12 months, a $100 registration fee will apply.  Normal registration fees are $200 for horses 12 months to 24 months and $300 for horses 24 months and over.  All other pertinent fees apply, i.e. $50.00 DNA kit fee, $65.00 unregistered foal transfer fee if applicable, etc. Note, in order to be eligible for the amnesty rate the sire and dam of the horse being registered must be registered with the American Saddlebred Registry and all necessary signatures, documents and fees must be included with the original submission.

ASHA membership or non-member fees apply for these registrations.

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