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Texans Celebrate 2013 In Frigid Temperatures

by Ann Bullard
It's a big state, with three active charter clubs each holding horse shows and other events. Where most other areas celebrate their horse show year with an annual, usually after-the-first-of-the-year convention and banquet, not surprisingly Texans do it different. Hosting year-end awards rotates between NTASHA, headquartered in the Dallas area, SASHA, the San Antonio group, and TASHA, centered in Houston.
And, if it's possible to be even more unique, in Texas the awards year begins with the December TASHA Show, culminating NTASHA'S October event. With two different state awards (Texas State, which includes all shows within the state and TASHA, and awards points for the Houston-area shows) plus the ASHA State Pleasure Horse presentations, there are a plethora of plaques and other awards to distribute.
This year, it was TASHA's turn to host the year-end awards. It all took place on the evening of December 7 immediately following the last class of the Holiday Horse Show.  Kelly Marco McQuerry coordinated the dinner and awards presentation, ensuing not only that food and drink were sufficient, but that portable heaters were on hand and working to help alleviate the winter cold. Thoroughly-chilled riders, trainers, parents and friends moved from the stall area into a festively-decorated tent near the show arena. Despite many logistics problems, it worked. 
Janie Hamilton may now live in Tennessee, but part of her heart remains in Texas. Since the Southwest Circuit changed in 1996, she has taken on the job of compiling all of the area's high point awards, as well as managing several area shows. Aided by TASHA President Sharon Moruitz, she emceed the evening.
 Paul Cates Stable, LLC, headquartered in Round Rock, Texas, earned the Overall Texas High Point Award and the Overall Academy title. Steve and May Chadick's Vantage Point Farm, LLC picked up the Texas State High Point Performance award.

 A very grow-up Bo Ashlyn Cates picked up most of the awards for her father's Paul Cates Stable, LLC.. Those included the Texas Overall High Point and Texas Academy High Point Awards. She is pictured with her friend, Cheyenne Underwood.

Ian McPhee picked up one of the awards won by Heartland Macho Man. They contributed to Vantage Point Farm's being the Texas High Point Performance Award for the 2013 season.

Joan Cantrell kept busy picking up awards for the Jack Magill Stables group.

Kerry Ann Kohutek, Sandy Currier, Julie Johnson and Elly Berman enjoyed the evening.

Stephanie Boda (left), former assistant at Vantage Point Farm, came down from Wisconsin to assist at the show and renew friendships. With her are (l-r) Steve Chadick, Lonnie Quarles and Ashley Walker.

Ricky Kamins, Chris Shaw Tresten and Dan Flowers enjoyed the evening.

May Chadick turned the tables on Janie Hamilton, presenting her with a gift of appreciation for her many years of handling these awards.

Kelly Marco (right) coordinated the awards banquet. She and Marlo Miller won awards for the Friesian Troubadour and Miller's Walk/Trot mare, So Curious.

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