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Team USA To Take On S. Africa and Namibia

    Brent Jacobs and Chuck Herbert took 14 riders to Worcester, South Africa for an invitational between South Africa and Namibia. Fourteen riders from across the country left Friday, Jan. 22., to compete for the Gold.
    Three-gaited members include Brooke Jacobs (captain), Ashley Alden, Katie Bartlett, Shana Jo Brown, Alexandra Flynn, Emily Garten and Dakota Willimon.
    Five-gaited team members include Lauren McMichael (captain), Mandy Martin, Jessica Savinelli, Cydni Simmons, Cyndey Cutchall, Ali Judah and Whitney Irwin.
    Practice sessions consisted of two 30 minute sessions and competition was more than two days long.
    After competition, the group will tour South Africa and visit Table
Mountain, two winery's and several other exciting places.

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