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Syracuse Exhibitor Help Urgently Needed

The new footing in the coliseum at the Syracuse Fairgrounds is at risk of being removed permanently if exhibitors and horse owners do not voice their opinions. One of the horse groups that uses the coliseum does not like the footing and wants it removed. Other horse groups who use the facility love the footing and are trying to make it known that they want it kept for their shows.  


As Bob Funkhouser reported in his coverage of this year’s Syracuse International Horse Show in Saddle Horse Report:


“More than making up for long sessions was the footing that was put into the Syracuse facility in both the warm up and in the show ring. It was truly the talk of the show.


“‘This was a new product called Travel Right,’ said Show Manager Naomi Blumenthal. ‘It is a combination of wax coated sand and fibrous materials. The new footing came about due to the cooperative effort of the organizations that hold shows here at the fairgrounds. We also got a state grant to help pay for it.


‘The International was the third show to use the footing so far and we have received nothing but great compliments on it. I can’t tell you how many wonderful letters and emails I have received regarding the footing.’ ”


All exhibitors, owners and attendees of shows held at this facility are urged to voice their support for keeping this new footing.


Letters can be sent to:

Dan O’Hara

5181 Sate Fair Boulevard

Syracuse, NY 13209


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