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Supporting 1-2 Day Shows; A Major Focus of Horse Show Task Force

The ASHA recognizes the importance of providing various opportunities for competition. School, work and commitments keep many of our members busy, and sometimes unable to attend shows that take up most of the week or more.

That’s why the Marketing Sub-Committee of the new ASHA Horse Show Task Force (HSTF) is making it a priority to create a plan to support, market and promote 1-2 day shows. This committee is currently reaching out to managers of these shows to receive their input on their needs. Results from a survey specifically focused for the shorter length horse shows, will be used to build the comprehensive marketing strategy. 

This effort is part of the overall work of the HSTF which was formed in August with a goal to grow horse show participation at all levels and in all parts of the country. As stated in its purpose statement, that includes exploring strategies, such as travel incentives, for shows in under represented areas. Recommendations are also being developed for tiered horse show governance that will provide several options including for non-licensed competitions based on successful models by the American Morgan Horse Association and the Arabian Horse Association. 

The HSTF, chaired by Kristen Cater and Owen Weaver, will provide a preliminary report in late October 2019 and final report December 2019 to the ASHA Board of Directors in advance of the 2020 showseason. 

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