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Submit your application now for the Driving Spirit Grant

Applications for the Joe Crawford Harrod Memorial Grant are still being accepted!! Please complete and email your application to [email protected] before the July 15, 2021 deadline.
Driving Spirit, the Joe Crawford Harrod Memorial Grant has been established to support active youth members of the American Hackney Horse Society, aged 18-26, with a desire to develop their horsemanship and showmanship skills. Funds may be used for equine industry educational programs, internships or any show horse industry program/career endeavor (*). The grant will be awarded annually, in an amount up to $2,500.
*Potential use, within the spirit of the Grant, is unlimited and may include:
Equitation/Riding or Driving Instructor
Harness/Saddlery Maker
Show Steward
Show Manager
Show Secretary
Veterinary/Medical/ Equine Therapy

Youth must be an active member of the American Hackney Horse Society
Youth may be an amateur or professional
Youth must participate in the show horse industry
Grant is open to Hackney, Saddlebred, Morgan and Roadster Youth (limited to 2 lifetime grant awards)
The intention of the grant is to recognize and support an individual who portrays the characteristics and traits that Joe Crawford Harrod strived for and pursued.
Applicant must demonstrate:
Excellent Sportsmanship
Value of Camaraderie & Friendship
Value of Teamwork & Confidence Building
Care and Compassion for Ponies/Horses
To apply for the Grant:
Along with at least 2 recommendations from active participants in the show horse industry, the applicant must submit a written essay and/or a 2-3 minute video outlining:

1. Program, school, internship, work-study, or other show horse activity for which the applicant will use the Grant Funds
2. Purpose for applying for the Grant Funds
3. Goals the applicant will achieve by the use of the Grant Funds
4. Amount the applicant is requesting (up to $2,500)
5. Contact Information (address, phone, e-mail)
Contributions: If you would like to contribute to the Joe Crawford Harrod Memorial Grant Fund with a gift of any size; you may donate online or via check to the American Hackney Horse Society Foundation. Your contribution is fully tax-deductible.

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