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Submit Stallion Service Report by October 31

Lexington, Kentucky – Stallion owners who have not yet submitted a Stallion Service Report to the American Saddlebred Registry must do so by the deadline of Friday, October 31, 2008. Late fees apply to Stallion Service Reports filed after October 31.

All Stallion Service Reports are due no later than October 31 each year. Penalties for late filing increase according to when the report is filed. The penalty is $25 for filing up to ten days late, $50 for 11-20 days late, $75 for 21-30 days late, $200 for 31-60 days late, and $300 for 61 days or more late. No exceptions can be made to these penalties. Once filed, a Stallion Service Report can be amended without further penalty.

Questions about Stallion Service Reports and/or Registry fees should be directed to Petra Green, Sr. Registry Supervisor, at .

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