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Straight from the Horse’s Mouth: A Time to Come Together

This year has been a difficult year for our industry with all of the challenges and uncertainty caused by the pandemic. Yet even with these difficult times our industry has found ways to come together for the betterment of all. This past summer the associations that make up the Joint Leadership Council came together to help those in need through the JLC Horsemen’s Relief Fund.  

Most recently, the ASHA and ASR boards decided to come together by unanimously voting to pursue a merger between the two organizations. This vote was the result of many months of research and due diligence, led by Anna Marie Knipp and Chris Schubert. The boards studied five main areas, including financial, led by Allen Bosworth and Kim Skipton, board of directors, led by Owen Weaver and Bob Brison, policies and procedures, led by Todd Graham and Amy Dix Rock, mission, led by Missy Smith and Sandy Currier and bylaws, led by Rachel Seifert and Elisabeth Goth. 

Because ASHA and ASR already share resources and staff, many don’t even realize they were made separate organizations in 2004 for tax reasons. The advantage of that separation has since passed and the benefits of combining our two breed-serving groups allows us to coordinate efficiencies we need to better serve our members. “A new organization that is united will be better positioned to meet the needs of our members and grow our breed,” said Marty Schaffel, president of ASHA. 

The time to come together is now for ASHA and ASR. The merger, along with other measures we have taken and more in the works, helps ensure our industry’s future. “I look forward to joining with ASHA to eliminate the duplication of efforts and start promoting breeding and young horses,” said Sandy Currier, president of ASR. We will be sending out more information about the merger to our members over the next few months.

David Mount, ASHA Executive Director

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