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Stockwood Saddlebreds Barn Collapses From Snow

In the early morning hours of Saturday February 6, Stockwood Saddlebreds, located in Pulaski, Virginia, suffered a devastating blow with the collapse of the barn housing 15 American Saddbleds, a Hackney Pony and two miniatures.

The barn could no longer hold the weight of the continuous snow fall from the days prior. All of the horses were accounted for, and no injuries were reported at this time. Included in the count was a mare in foal. She delivered about a month early the following day in the midst of the aftermath.

Stockwood Saddledbreds is an American Saddlebred and Hackney pony training facility in Pulaski, Virginia. Trainer Bobby Burgess is a long time ASHA member along with his riders, Arielle Clauser, Brittney Ritter, Gabbie Clauser, Wanda Hensley and Zach Dillion.

For continuous updates you can check their website or their Facebook group. Trainer Bobby Burgess can be contacted at 540.250.6978.

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