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Stepping Stone Farm On The Right Path

Stepping Stone Farm On The Right Path

By Lynn Hutchinson

A new barn has opened it’s doors in Alabama. Stepping Stone Farm located in Moody, Alabama began operation on March 1, 2003, moved in and two weeks later ‘here we are at a horse show”. And as owner/trainer Courtney Huguley also stated, “We are jacks of all trades.” In other words, they are offering any horsey service that anyone could want: training, showing, academy, and always extending a friendly hand to anyone that needs one.

As Courtney stated, “I was a customer once in my life. I had always wanted a horse and my dad said I could take a couple of riding lessons, assuring him that they were JUST SUMMER RIDING LESSONS. This all began at Heathermoor Farm with John and Anita Cowart. Then six months later the whole journey began, borrowing $800 to buy the first horse----and then so on and so on, moving right on up the ladder. I’ve now been training about 10 years as a professional.” Her mother, Miriam Reagan, has always been supportive and stated,”I’m so proud of Courtney and proud that she is doing it for herself.”

And then there is the husband, Richard who stated, “It’s taken Courtney 18 years to convince me to become involved in this whole thing and now I realize I’ve really missed a lot.” Courtney was quick to comment, “He’s been a real trooper and it hasn’t been easy to accomplish what with flat tires, etc. etc.” At this point in the conversation Richard just got a big grin on his face----looks like he’s really glad to be a part of this establishment.

The family consists of Reagan who is 13, and, who by the way, won the pleasure equitation 13 & under at ASAC aboard Sultan’s Miracle Man. James William is, as he stated, “7 and a half”. With both children pitching in to make this stable a success. Or as Courtney called them, “her tag team”.

Their first show as Stepping Stone Farm began on the right track also, with Hollywood Glitter and Beth Hazelrig taking the blue and tri color in the Junior Exhibitor Five-Gaited Championship and Grand Championship.

Best of luck to this new farm---looks like there is a great future ahead for this team.

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