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The State Of Equitation – Where Are We Now?


Editor’s Note: This survey is intended to provide feedback about the equitation division. We are soliciting your comments and encourage owners, trainers, instructors and exhibitors to respond. Selected comments will be published in a future issue of Saddle Horse Report.

The Saddle Seat Equitation and Pleasure Equitation divisions are ever-changing. In many areas of the country, both divisions are consistently well-filled, while in others, entries are often very light.

Many of today’s amateurs and professionals got their start in equitation and benefited greatly from that experience.

1. Do you feel that having an equitation background provides an edge in competition in the performance division and/or has any bearing on a person’s future success in the industry?

2. Are there things about equitation that should change?

3. If you are not currently involved in equitation would you consider becoming involved in the future? Why or why not?

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