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Spider Red



A final call for


April 25th, 1999-June
9th, 2007


photo by Brooke Jacobs


by Margaret Cordes

Her dedication to her teammate and to her role was in focus. Her energy and determination captured through the lens by Brooke Jacobs.  She was bright, powerful and giving her all for the final call at Rock Creek. But within seconds of a powerful pass WC Spider Red had brought her longtime trainer to his knees, holding her head, as she took her last breath.   


Silence fell over the crowd. It was evident to all the great loss right before their eyes and the incredible pain for her owner Minna Hankin Mintz and for trainer Mike Spencer and wife Nancy who have cared for this extraordinary mare since she was a yearling.  


Trainers jumped over the rail to help, but there was nothing anyone could do. It was a miracle Mike was not hurt as he tried to help his teammate, and she seemed to trust his every move. Her last whinny brought tears throughout the crowd.  


Trainers and friends helped wrap her in blankets as Gene van der Walt called for his van to help carry her away. Announcer Peter Fenton talked about her talents and her World Champion title in 2004. Spider Red, a World Champion mare among eleven contenders when she was only five.


It is believed she died of an aortic aneurysm but a final autopsy will confirm the cause of death. Her pain lasted just minutes but her powerful presence and this final portrait will be remembered for a long time. 

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