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Special Message From President Schaffel: ASHA Completes Two Day Board Of Directors Meeting

This past Monday and Tuesday, ASHA had its annual two days in-person board meeting in Lexington. I want to share some of my observations and highlights with our membership.

1. First and foremost, I believe this was one of the most productive meetings I have attended since I joined the board. We covered many topics and issues. This was done with a great spirit of collaboration and support from all attendees and staff. We had our share of disagreements and concerns. But they were all brought out, and we addressed them with a great spirit of cooperation.

2. We reviewed our observations and concerns regarding World’s Championship Horse Show with Hoppy Bennett and Scarlett Mattson in attendance. I believe this was very productive.

3. We received an update on the ASHA Business Development Grant program, the new mentoring initiative for smaller businesses in our association. Four participants were selected from many applicants. We hope we can build on this. Our goal is to help create financially stronger professionals and breeders. We are all successful if we help everyone be successful.

4. The Horse Show Task Force presented its findings and programs. I am excited to see the great efforts to expand and support our underserved and underpopulated geographical NATIONAL regions outside of Kentucky. I am very grateful for everyone’s efforts on this project.

5. Our combined presence at the UPHA Convention in January is looking to be very exciting. Plans are coming along, and there will be some very interesting programs.

6. ASHA has agreed to work collaboratively with UPHA Chapter 16 in Florida to move the Harvest Days show from Tampa to the new World Equestrian Center in Ocala, Florida. The idea behind this show is to expand and broaden our market with classes and events that many people want but are not offered extensively at other shows. The show will be the last week of next October. We need to bring more participants into our market for the health and future of our breed. The new facility has world-class facilities. Some of the great amenities include multiple air-conditioned rings, four restaurants, over 2,000 air-conditioned stalls with fans, laundry services, grocery store, pet grooming, five-star hotel, beautiful golf course, lots of nearby hotels, local interest in participating financially and great weather.

This is a very cool place to have a show. This is intended to be a great partnership between ASHA and UPHA to serve this southern region.

The above are but a few of the many things we spent numerous hours working on this week.  I am very grateful for the many selfless hours volunteers spent working on these issues and projects. I am also extremely grateful for the hard work and dedication of our staff.  We have a great team right now!!!  They are now setting their sights on producing a wonderful convention in January.  I look forward to seeing everyone there.

Thank you,
Marty Schaffel

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