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Southern Saddlebred Sales Accepting Entries for February Online Auction

Southern Saddlebred Sales, in partnership with Addis Live Online Auctions, is accepting entries for their February 25th Online Sale.  

Over 650 unique viewers tuned in to the first sale in December, which was the largest group Addis had ever hosted, with nearly 100 people “new to Addis” approved to bid.  “The top sellers were a weanling that commanded $27,000, followed by a finished park horse for $23,000 and a coming two-year-old at $15,000,” said Jackie Hale.  “We were pleased with the results of the first sale and this one looks like it’s going to be bigger, and hopefully people are better educated regarding the process.”

“We learned a few things from the first sale,” continued Jackie.  “The most critical element of a successful sale is to have a good quality photo and excellent video.  After all, that is what the auction is based on.”  (See article, 10 Tips For Photographing and Videoing Your Horse For Sale.)  Secondly, early entries get the most exposure and allow adequate time for potential buyers to check them out.  “We encourage communication between the consignors and prospective buyers.”

Successful bidders will do their homework, be registered to bid and know what they want to buy when the auction starts.  “The sale moves very quickly.  Addis will not play the same video that has been online for 2-3 weeks over and over while people ‘think about’ bidding.  If you want to buy a horse, you need to be ready to bid,” said Jackie.

The Online Auction is convenient, affordable, and connects buyers and sellers across the country.  “The best part is that you don’t have to go anywhere,” added James Hale.  “As a trainer, it’s great not to have to take a day or two away from your already busy schedule to attend a sale for one or two horses.”  The horse remains at your farm until it is sold, and it is the Buyer’s responsibility to arrange and pay for transportation.

For more information on the February 25th Online Auction, visit or to download a Consignment Packet.  Entries will be posted on Addis’ website beginning the first week of February and accepted until February 20th.  Contact James or Jackie Hale for more information at 205-669-6649.

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