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Southern Saddlebred Eliminates Spring Sale Deadline

That’s right – no pre-entry required!  Of course the earlier you enter the longer your horse or pony will be featured on our website.  But if you are not ready to make a commitment yet – you want to go to a show or two, give that prospect a little more time, or wait a little longer on a private sale to come through – now you can.

The Southern Saddlebred Spring Sale will be held in conjunction with the Spring Fling Horse Show in Murfreesboro, TN April 25-27.  The sale will be held on Saturday, April 27th beginning at 10:30 am.  All completed entries that are in the office by 5pm on Friday, April 26th will sell on Saturday.  “Times are changing,” said James Hale, “and everything is moving at a faster pace, with shorter deadlines, so we are thinking outside the box and trying to accommodate a struggling market.”

We will update our website, with entries beginning the first week of April, and will add to it as they are received.  All entries received by April 15th will be included in a digital catalog published as a PDF and an E-book, but there will be no traditional printed catalog.   On the day of the sale there will be a printed listing of horses being presented.

The E-book will be readable on tablet computers (such as an iPad), e-readers (such as a Kindle or Nook) and Smartphones.  Not only is this an eco-friendly alternative to the paper catalog, it will be superior quality and include color photos and video clips.  “We are excited about offering an E-book because not only do they save trees, they are delivered instantly and they do not produce waste,” stated Jackie.  E-books also have other advantages such as the ability to be annotated, bookmarked and searched.  “The printed catalog is what required the early deadline, and with the digital publishing technology we have today, it simply isn’t necessary to close the sale entries 6 weeks in advance.”  SSS will work with those people who do not have Internet access or a way to view the E-book by providing them with printed material upon request.

“So bring your horse or pony, the original registration papers, a completed entry form with owner(s) signature(s), current coggins and a health certificate,” said Jackie Hale.  Early entries will benefit from being listed on the website and in the online catalog, and will receive preferential lot numbers.  “But you can show it on Friday night and sell it on Saturday morning if you want to!” added James.

The Spring Sale will be webcast by the USEF Network, and Credit Cards and Phone Bids will once again be accepted.  “We were the first ASB sale company to accept credit cards and we are please to be the first to offer an E-book.  It’s time to do things differently,” said James.  Contact James or Jackie Hale at 205-669-6649 for more information about the sale, and Scarlett Mattson, Show Manager, at 270-547-8664, for a prize list or to reserve your stalls.  Everything you need to know is also available on the web at

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