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Southeastern Charity Announces Class And Schedule Changes

Southeastern Charity Horse Show (September 19-22, 2012) announces a Class Addition, and several class schedule  changes.  These changes will be updated in the Revised Time Schedule that will be uploaded to the website the first of the week.

Class 75 will be single Hackney or Harness Pony Country Pleasure Driving  (USEF HK-8), replacing Roadster Pony to Wagon.

Class 115 – Single Harness Hackney  Pleasure Driving Amateur Stake will run after Class 118 – The Fine Harness Jackpot Stake and before the Saturday Evening Presentations.

Class 52-ASB Hunter Country Pleasure will run as the first class on Friday Evening Session. Class 81-ASB Hunter Country Pleasure Stake will run at the end of the Saturday Morning Session after Class 90 – Opportunity Pleasure Driving Stake and BEFORE Class 91 – Costume Class. This will allow our Costume Class Exhibitors more time to prepare for their class.

An updated version of the USEF Motorized Vehicles Rule regarding minors operating vehicles (USEF GR1301.7) will be posted  in the Horse Show office . An additional copy will be posted in the News Section on the website. .

If you have any questions, call Jim Ruwoldt at 404 312 1919, or contact him at

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