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Society Training Stable Loses Barn in Fire


Kathryn Schwartz of Society Training Stable, Troy, OH lost one of her barns to a fire on January 29, 2007. By the grace of God and everyone’s quick thinking, no horses were lost. She did lose two calves, some chickens and some turkeys. This is probably the first time in 26+ years that I have known Kathryn that she did not have horses in this barn.

The barn that was lost was her bank barn and on the upper level housed 3,000 square bales and 80 round bales of hay. She presently has approximately 60-80 head of horses that are without hay. This was her winter supply for the animals. With the crazy and unpredictable weather that we have had, hay is going to be very hard to find.

As fellow horse people and friends, I am asking that anything that anyone can do to help would be greatly appreciated. The greatest thing that she is in need of is hay (or money to purchase hay). They also lost all of their farm tools including barn cleaning equipment such as forks, shovels and rakes.

For all of those who know Kathryn, you know that she would be right there in the midst of it all if the situation was yours. I have never known such a loving, caring and compassionate person! 

Anything that anyone can do would be greatly appreciated!!

Joyce E. Terrell
Magenta Farms
Columbiana, AL


Editor’s note: Kathryn Schwartz can be contacted at 1975 E Rusk Road, Troy, Ohio 45373 or call (937) 335-5160.

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