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Show Me Heart Of Missouri Saddlebred Tour

The Mid-America Saddlebred Horse Club, Missouri’s ASHA Charter Club, will present its barn tour March 27 and 28, 2010 to benefit its charities, Heartland School of Therapeutic Riding and the Longview Horse Park.

The tour will go via motor coach to the New Bloomfield/Columbia, MO areas Saturday, March 27, where three World’s Champion caliber horse barns/farms will be visited: Virgil Helm Stables, Fairview Farm, and Callaway Hills . The group will spend a relaxing evening eating and "talking horses" at the fabulous Summit Lake Winery in Holt’s Summit, MO. Our overnight stay will be in Jefferson City, MO. Then, on Sunday, March 28, the other three world-class barns will be toured: Mike Roberts Stables, High Spirits Farm and Glendale Stables.

Previous tours in the Kansas City and New Bloomfield/Columbia areas were highly successful and sold out rapidly, attesting to their popularity and entertainment value.

All meals with the exception of Saturday evening – when we will order from the menu at the Winery in our private dining room – are included in the bus and tour price of $50.00 per person. (This just happens to be the exact same cost of the tour when it was held in 1994!). The motel rooms will accommodate one to four people with a special rate of $50.10, tax included (which is just $3.10 more than in 1994).

The deadline to sign up for the tour is March 1, 2010, and it will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Reservation forms are on the charter club website –, click on "News & Events," or the ASHA website

For further information on this fun venture, please call Shirley Smith at 816-229-8232, or e-mail her at


Commuter Parking Lot, I-70 East and Exit 18 Woods Chapel Road, and head to:

Virgil Helm Stables (Virgil & Sandra Helm), Fairview Farm (Bob and Tonya Brison), Callaway Hills Stables (Lenore "Tony" Weldon, Owner,

Don Mace, Trainer, Rick Berry, Breeding Manager)

After our last stop for the day, we will check in at our motel in Jefferson City, MO

(You will pay for your motel accommodations - $50.10 – at check-in.)

Our bus will then take us to the SUMMIT LAKE WINERY for a relaxing evening in our private room where we can order from the menu and "talk horse."

See Summit Lake Winery’s website

in Holt’s Summit, MO and click on the "Menu" tab to see their

great value-priced-and-varied menu


Departure from our motel at 9:00 a.m. to continue our barn tour to:

Mike Roberts Stable (Mike Roberts, owner/trainer, Jeff Vogel, Instructor,

Zach Duffy, Assistant Trainer)

High Spirits Farm (Anna Marie Knipp, Owner, Nikki Harrison, Trainer)

Glendale Stables (Kent & Stacy Swalla)

Return to the I-70 East Exit 18 Commuter Lot late afternoon

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