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Shopping Galore at the American Royal


As the holiday season fast approaches, the UPHA American Royal offers equine enthusiasts a jumpstart on holiday shopping. The only question – how do you get it all home on the plane?


Saddle Horse Report Online is pleased to provide a snapshot view of many of the temptations available at the Royal.



Exhibition Hall is the place to be if you are a shopoholic  

Andy’s Equine Art


Besco Awards

The Gorgeous Horse

Dee Teater Hats and Apparel


DeRegnaucourt Ltd.

VanderMoore Jewelry

Paul DeLott Company

Jessie Pettie

Carl Meyers

Ann’s Turquoise

Jazzy Jods

Hartmeyer Saddlery

Mod Jods


Le Cheval Ltd.

Steed Whips

Terry Bennett’s Tack Inc.


Polly Paintbrush


World Champion Horse Equipment

(new stuff arriving daily)

Sondra Alexander, Artist

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