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Seven Horses Plunge Through Ice and Drown

Seven Morgans galloping in a snowy pasture in Litchfield, Connecticut fell through a frozen pond to their deaths. The ice opened under their combined weight and they were gone in a fury of clawing hoofs and spraying water.

In a story from the Hartford Courant Lee Lyons, owner of the horse farm where the accident occurred was quoted as saying, "Everybody feels that they were running scared from something and stopped to face it, all in the same spot, and the ice gave". But no one knows for sure what happened on January 12 in that pasture on East Litchfield Road. The dead horses, all registered Morgans, included two 3-year-olds, four 2-year-olds and one broodmare. Each weighed between 700 and 1,000 pounds.

Lyons has been raising and boarding horses and offering riding lessons at Lee's Riding Stables/Windfield Morgan Farm for 31 years. The lost horses were not insured. Lyons estimated their total value at about $50,000.

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