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Service Award Presented at NWSA Fall Classic


Janet and Ed Ross presented their 2007

Perpetual Service Award to Courtney Hayden

during the NWSA Fall Classic Horse Show.

Photo by Casey McBride.


(Editor’s note: The following speech was read by John Owens Saturday, Sept. 29, 2007, at the NWSA Fall Classic Horse Show.)

This year, 2007, Janet and Ed Ross are designating their Perpetual Service Award trophy to one of our younger generation members who has worked tirelessly for our association and all our Northwest shows.


She has been involved with our breed for just over 16 years and says she has loved every minute of it. She started out in an academy program in Minnesota and then her family moved west. They purchased their first Saddlebred and started showing on the local circuit in Spokane [Wash.]. She says she appreciates all aspects of the Saddlebred, from showing and breeding to backyard companionship and trail riding. Her family owns a dozen horses and each one fits into at least one of these categories.


When she aged out of the junior exhibitor ranks and went off to college she made a point to stay involved with Saddlebreds. Since being elected to the board several years ago she states that it has allowed her to remain connected with all the members and exhibitors.


She says she continually enjoys the opportunity to promote the breed and educate others about what wonderful horses they are. As a board member for several years she has held two of the most important positions on the board; those being membership chairman and Silver Circuit chairman. Last year she transitioned the membership data from paper to computer software which all agree will benefit the organization in years to come.


These tasks are most challenging, particularly the Silver Circuit program, and putting together the year end awards, which have been spectacular lately, and allow our members to be recognized for all their hard work.        

The energy she has put into the promotion of our breed and her dedication deserve this special recognition. Will you please join Ed and Janet Ross as they salute this talented young lady and present her with their 2007 NWSA Perpetual Service Award – Courtney Hayden.

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