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Schweickert Joins Cash Lovell Stables

Cash Lovell Stables & Riding Academy is pleased to announce that Jackie Leon Schweickert has joined the staff as a riding instructor. A rider for more than 25 years, Jackie has ridden under such talented trainers as Sullivan Davis, Jan Lukens and Claude Shiflet.

Jackie joins a growing staff, including longtime Lovell instructor/assistant trainer, Christy Absher Johnson, in coaching the Lovell’s Little Bits youth club riders. The Little Bits club, ASHA’s 2001 Youth Club of the Year, is 175 riders strong and growing.

Jackie has two daughters, both of whom are young riders -- Sage is 5 1/2 and Jade is 2 1/2. Cash Lovell Stables & Riding Academy is a located in Winston-Salem, N.C. Visitors are always welcome. Barn – 336-784-6385/ Cash and Parker Lovell home – 336-785-0983/ Parker Lovell – 336-971-9388

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