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Scenes from Lexington - Monday Night

Check out Monday night’s show results here.

Seen at Lexington Junior League on Monday night…


   Monday Afternoon                                          “Gentlemen, start your engines!”


Tandy Patrick and Tolley Graves


Debbie Foley, Melody Murphy, and Krista Dent


Sarah Bennett, Catie Hawley, and Kate Bryan

Show Baby Show and Darrell Case

Junior Three-Gaited, 15.2 & Under Winners

Deb Rateri and Cynthia Cupp


Lewis Eckard and Hawkeye’s Chatter Box

UPHA Junior Road Pony Classic Champions


Mary Gaylord McClean and Take Me Away

Ladies Five-Gaited Mare Champions


Ceil Wheeler and Bill Waller


5 O’Clock and Todd Miles

Five-Gaited Gelding Stake Champions

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