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Sales Activity At LaMirage Stables

There have been numerous sales at LaMirage Stables this winter. Jason Harrell and his staff have stayed busy selling horses despite the cold and icy winter. Merriehill Local Talent was purchased from Stan and Paulette Bodnar of Merriehill Farm by the Simply Southern Partnership of Farmville, N.C.. Doug and Angie Picton of Loblolly Morgan Farm in Winterville, N.C. purchased MLF Calamity Jane. Marilyn North of Marno Morgan Farm in Mooresville, N.C. purchased Sheridan’s Noteworthy. Ray and Cathy Minard of 21st Century Morgans in Greenville, N.C. purchased JAJ Bel Shashar. The Minards of 21st Century Morgans also purchased Tete A Tete from Marilyn North. Suwannee Belle Starr was purchased by James and Beth Boykin of Elm City, N.C.. Paul and Danielle Bigneault of MaN.C.hester, NH purchased RTH Black Diamond Command. Art and Debbie Schneider of ADK Schneider Farms in Greenville, N.C. purchased Ovation Persnickety. TPC Lady Liberty was purchased by Earl Ray and Susan Zimmerman of Barnett, Mo. Samuel Stoltzfus of Kinzers, Penn. purchased TFC Champagne Charlie. Antique Abigail’s Song was purchased by Patricia Booth of MaN.C.hester NH. Joe Whiteside, Jr. of Bart, Penn. purchased Don’t Miss The Magic. LaMirage’s Empress In Black was purchased by Daniel Stoltzfus of Paradise, Penn. Mike Kropp and Sharon Skelly of Gullwing Morgans in Byron, NY purchased Trebles Double Exposure. AFF Flirtation Walk was purchased by Roy A. Miller of Stevens, Penn. LaMirage Stables congratulates all new owners and wishes them a successful 2003 season.

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