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Sale of the Future V Tops $1 Million

Saturday's session of the fifth edition of Kohler's Sale of the Future continued the healthy sales of some of the Morgan industry's best and brightest prospects. Once again outstanding broodmares, young prospects and finished show horses were presented in their most excellent condition to the small but enthusiastic crowd.

Friday night's top two sellers remained the top two sales of the sale (see coverage from Friday night). But there were still lots of $30, 40 and 50 thousand dollar sellers. Lionel Ferreira of England bought the final horse in the sale to top the session's sales. Ferreira paid $57,000 for HVK Bell Hill, a beautiful two-year-old filly by Tug Hill Whamunition out of a dam by HVK Bell Flaire.

Herb Kohler spoke to the audience just before this final filly sold thanking everyone for making Part V such a success. The sale set records for prices on geldings and yearlings. And Kohler said he felt this was evidence that the Morgan breed "was coming into its own." He thanked the professional sales team of the Teaters and specifically thanked Walt Robertson and Bill Carrington for their expertise in selling the excellent horses offered in Part V.

The horses and their new owners from Saturday's sale follow:

HVK Prime Minister     Kris Skaug     $6500

HVK Bold Commander     Queens River Farm     $25,000

HVK Reverberation     Jacqueline Clapp     $14,000

HVK Fancy Lass     Stephen Smith     $4500

HVK Bell Ringer     Blackridge     $25,000

HVK Black Tie Society     Rick Davis     $3500

HVK Bell Rose     Rancho San Ardo     $3300

HVK Rhumba     Alvin Beachy     $2500

HVK Fanciful Flaire     Kris Skaug     $6200

Coalition High Society     Liz Connor & Dr. Charles Connor     $7000

HVK Blush Rose     Earl Zimmerman     $6000

HVK Sweet Flaire     Jackie Sweeney     $7000

HVK Noble Taste     Cheryl Gaszak     $15,000

Dresser Hill Fancy Miss     Lon Frieden     $5000

HVK Field Command     Cheryl Gaszak     $5500

HVK Encore     Don and Michelle Dilley     $4200

HVK March Rose     Lyniece Talmadge     $14,000

HVK Rolling Thunder     Karen A. Park     $6000

HVK Noble Bay March     Jenna Domanico     $2700

HVK Crystal Empress     Rancho San Ardo     $10,000

HVK Gemini     Lyniece Talmadge     $5500

HVK Drive Em Crazy     Cathy Hazen     $47,000

HVK Sweet Summer Sun     Eastwich     $4200

HVK Stillness     Anne Mears     $3500

HVK Xena     Bob Kellert     $20,000

HVK Bold Vixen     Cheryl Gaszak     $16,000

HVK Bellweather     NO SALE

HVK Cakes & Cordials     Dana Sowards     $3300

HVK Noble Kiss     Vegas Valley Morgans     $20,000

HVK Flaire Lady     Holly Johnson     $35,000

HVK Noble Topaz     Cheryl Gaszak     $16,000

HVK Vintage Flaire     J.D. & Susan Symer     $26,000

HVK Good Vibrations     Brenda Mafusik     $20,000

HVK Grand Design     NO SALE

HVK Twilight Flaire     Jane Stiffenhagen & Jackie Sweeney     $35,000

HWK March Flaire     Jacqueline Clapp     $50,000

HVK Diamond Flaire     Jackie Sweeney & Jane Stiffenhagen     $35,000

HVK Bell Hill     Lionel Ferreira     $57,000



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