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Saddlebreds Were A Hit At 2003 Midwest Horse Fair

Saddlebreds returned to the Midwest Horse Fair this year to show off the wonderful breed. Several top horses proudly sponsored by ASAW (American Saddlebred Association of Wisconsin) at the Fair, held April 11-13. Each day, one Saddlebred was selected to show off during the Parade of Breeds, and all 10 Saddlebreds participated in the Breed Demonstration on Saturday and again on Sunday. The demonstration was set to music and a script was read telling about the American Saddlebred as the horses were exhibited. A booth with American Saddlebred information and videos was set up in the barn area to give people a chance to learn more about the breed and talk to barn owners, trainers and exhibitors.

The following riders and horses were all part of the success of showing off the American Saddlebred to over 70,000 spectators over the weekend. Three riders represented the Academy Division: Nick Royer of Oconomowoc, Wis., Tori Bahl of Mukwonago and Brittany MacDonald of Neenah, Wis. Representing the different performance divisions were: CH Ledgewind’s Final Touch, owned and drive by Jayne Tillman; CH Lexmark, owned and ridden by Laurie Stollenwerk; Reefing, owned and ridden by Neva VanEss; Manhattan Star Maker, owned by Amy Bergner and ridden by Sarah Leucht; Radiant Blue, owned and ridden by Amalia Piehl; Heart O’Summer, owned and ridden by Emily Healy; and Lakota Medicine Man, owned by Lynn Demigliio and ridden by Dennis Verschelden.

Also taking home part of the applause were the Little Saddlers, presented by the riders of Rancho Del Rio, Eagle, Wis. Kitt, Margaret and Laura Tovar, Jordan Teglia, Ginny, Mack Claire Sorge McKenzie and Anna Covell were all part of the Little Saddlers and were a definite crowd favorite! Max and Maxine also had a great time walking around greeting spectators with peppermints and American Saddlebred information.

A huge thank you is extended to all owners and riders of the Saddlebreds who so expertly represented our breed. Also thanks to the following people for their time and effort during this event: Lance Hayes, Mike Bletsoe, Sarah Leucht, Dennis Verschelden, Jayne Tillman, Sheri Brandi, Amy Bergner, Julie Spanbauer, Steve Royer, Mary Hanrahan, Terra Herale and Marlene LaFleur.

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