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Saddlebred Rescue's Featured Horses

Do you have a lesson program or need a practice horse?  Want to give a horse a chance at the good life and to give back to the Saddlebred world from which they left and have now returned?  Saddlebred Rescue, Inc. (SBR) has found a wonderful source of safe and broke horses.  Most of these horses have spent a good portion of their lives going up and down the road for the Amish. Some are no longer able to keep up the rigorous Amish work schedule; others just don’t like traffic passing them.  These horses still have a lot to give - won't you help them find a new job and a forever home?

Nealia McCracken and Pat Johnson are spending their Mondays at New Holland Sales Stable in New Holland, Pennsylvania, waiting for Saddlebreds-in-need to go through. Without the intervention of Saddlebred Rescue, most of these horses are destined for the slaughterhouse.

All horses bought by SBR are thoroughly evaluated and first ridden by professionals. After that, the lesson kids - riders of varying levels - get their turn to determine just what level the horses are suited for. Every horse is handled, cleaned up, given a bath, clipped, etc. to get a good idea of each horse’s behavior and temperament.  Then they are ready to find new homes. And that's where you, the Saddlebred Community, come in!

These horses are available to individuals who can provide good homes. A modest adoption fee is charged, but all fees go back toward the care and purchase of additional rescues. Horses of every different level have been rescued; it just depends on what goes through the sale that week.

Blues Clues, approx. 15 years and stands 15.3 h

Blues Clues

He is a very good boy, easy to load, clip, brush, stands tied and was perfect to tack and mount. He knows what the rail is and walks, trots and canters on both leads. He wears the bridle like a training horse. He flexed down and did not turn his head upside down as if he has lived in an overcheck. B.C. tries hard to do the right thing but can be a little nervous. As he gets stronger and more comfortable with the riding, he will be more willing to step up and go. He is cute enough to show and would make a nice academy horse with just a little more work. He is a little spooky but doesn’t do anything silly when he is concerned about something. He just snorts and gets "big", kind of like he ears himself up to save us the work!

He could go into a lesson program today for advanced riders and will quickly be suitable for intermediate ones.
Check out his video at .


Jordan Sparks, 6-7 years old and 15.2h

Jordan Sparks

Jordan has been in the horse show world and someone has put time in her. Jordan wore her head in a very cute place and even did a collected canter, even though she may need to be refined on her canter start. I think this mare could show and do well if someone would take the time to work her. This mare is nervous and somewhat quirky.

Suitable for an advanced rider with training abilities.
Here is her video:


Splash, 17 years old and 15.3h


If you have a driving program this is your beginner driving horse as you can see on this video . He is working on riding without blinkers and outdoors, and is getting better all the time!! He is currently a walk/trot only horse but learning to canter.

He is suitable for advanced beginner riders.

You're also welcome to let SBR know what you need; once SBR finds it, you'll be contacted immediately. SBR is also especially trying to put together a list of instructors who might be in need of good lesson horses.  Inquiries can be made by sending an e-mail to

For more information, and to see pictures and other information about the above horses and others as they become available, visit (where you can find an adoption form) or on the rescue discussion forum at

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