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Saddlebred Rescue's Featured Horse

Saddle Horse Report Online is proud to partner with Saddlebred Rescue, Inc., a 501(c)3 charitable organization, to bring more attention to horses in need of a forever home. Many of these horses are suitable for lesson programs and even academy classes at horse shows. Some will need to live out their lives as companions or “pasture ornaments.” A few breedable mares with papers have even been rescued. Whatever their new purpose in life, these horses deserve to live in dignity.


Saddle Horse Report Online features adoptable horses from Saddlebred Rescue, Inc. on an ongoing basis.

Do you have a lesson program or need a practice horse?  Want to give a horse a chance at the good life and to give back to the Saddlebred world from which they left and have now returned?  Saddlebred Rescue, Inc. (
SBR) has found a wonderful source of safe and broke horses.  Most of these horses have spent a good portion of their lives going up and down the road for the Amish. Some are no longer able to keep up the rigorous Amish work schedule; others just don’t like traffic passing them.  These horses still have a lot to give - won't you help them find a new job and a forever home?

Nealia McCracken and Pat Johnson are spending their Mondays at New Holland Sales Stable in New Holland, Pennsylvania, waiting for Saddlebreds-in-need to go through. Without the intervention of Saddlebred Rescue, most of these horses are destined for the slaughterhouse.

All horses bought by
SBR are thoroughly evaluated and first ridden by professionals. After that, the lesson kids - riders of varying levels - get their turn to determine just what level the horses are suited for. Every horse is handled, cleaned up, given a bath, clipped, etc. to get a good idea of each horse’s behavior and temperament.  Then they are ready to find new homes. And that's where you, the Saddlebred Community, come in!

These horses are available to individuals who can provide good homes. A modest adoption fee is charged, but all fees go back toward the care and purchase of additional rescues. Horses of every different level have been rescued; it just depends on what goes through the sale that week.

Here is a special mare needing a special home:

Traffic Jam Fifty-Six

All you Champagne Fizz lovers take a look at this mare.  Her name is Traffic Jam Fifty-Six, and she is a 1998 model.  She is by Road Warrior (Champagne Fizz x Daybreak’s Sentimental Journey by Flight Time Gold).  She is a pretty mare that has been raising babies but they were not registered as they were being used on the road with the Amish.  Please take a look and give her a chance.  We had her placed but the person disappeared after shipping her to North Carolina, where she still is.  You can see her topic on SBR’s discussion forum at,  or make arrangements to see her at Jansal Saddlebreds in Mocksville NC.  Call Janelle at 336-998-5249.

This mare sells open and with her papers.


The list of available horses changes almost daily so if you don't see what you're looking for today, keep checking back.  You're also welcome to let SBR know what you need; once SBR finds it, you'll be contacted immediately. SBR is also especially trying to put together a list of instructors who might be in need of good lesson horses.  Inquiries can be made by sending an e-mail to  

For more information, and to see pictures and other information about the above horses and others as they become available at (where you can find an adoption form) or on the rescue discussion forum at

A new way to give back to our beloved Saddlebreds

Even if you can’t adopt a rescue horse, here is a really easy way to give back to our breed by doing all of your online shopping through, where percentage of every purchase is donated to Saddlebred Rescue. At, membership is free! So hurry up and visit the Mall at, where you can browse 600+ stores. Saddlebred Rescue, Inc. has raised nearly $500 thru All you have to do is join, and when you shop on line SBR gets money from the member stores.

Saddlebred Rescue’s Newsletter

Saddlebred Rescue is pleased to have its first newsletter ready for everyone to enjoy.  Click here to read it. Articles and information for the next newsletter can be sent to

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