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Saddlebred Rescue Earns Donation

Saddlebred Rescue will be receiving a donation of 44% of the revenue generated from Search Kindly during the week of June 1 to 7. Thanks for all your help.  Now we need to help generate the revenue that will be donated to us.  This is done by using the Google search thru their website.  Even if you just do this for the week we are receiving donations, which is June 1 thru June 7, it is appreciated. But continuing to use their search function will help other charities. The following is off the Search Kindly website and tells how dollars are generated:

Search Kindly lets you donate money for free just by using Google from this page instead of any other. All of the money that we make through advertising is donated to charities that you select.

Search Kindly is a non-profit organization dedicated to the idea of micro-volunteerism and micro-philanthropy. A lot of people doing a little is better than a few people doing a lot.

100% of the advertising revenue generated from this website is donated to charitable organizations that our volunteers select every month.

Why not Search Kindly and while doing so vote for one of the charities listed for the next donation period.

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