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Saddlebred Record Program Changes Announced

Lexington, Kentucky - Saddlebred Record Program changes have been approved by the American Saddlebred Horse Association Board of Directors.

Results from all United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) "A," "B," or "C" rated shows are now eligible for points. The Country Pleasure section is now included in Saddlebred Record with the same requirements as the other Saddlebred sections. These changes are effective retroactive to December 1, 2008.

Points earned in Country Pleasure after December 1, 2008 are now calculated on the same basis as all other performance and pleasure sections. All Country Pleasure points earned prior to December 1, 2008 have been converted on a 6:1 ratio and added to any other points earned since December 1, 2008, and/or points earned in other Saddlebred sections. 

For example, if a horse has 65 Country Pleasure points earned prior to December 1, 2008 and 5 CH points earned in other classes, the 65 Country Pleasure points convert to 11 CH points (65 divided by 6 and rounded up). Combined with the 5 CH points, the horse has a total of 16 points and is eligible to apply for Champion (CH) status.

Saddlebred Record is designed to provide a reference source of current and accurate information concerning the breeding records of Saddlebred stallions and mares, to identify successful breeding combinations, identify and honor the outstanding performers of the show ring, and to keep the history of the breed. Upon earning enough points at USEF-licensed competitions and being approved as a Champion, a horse will be awarded the permanent "CH" prefix to its name on American Saddlebred Registry (ASR) records.

Saddlebred Record Champions, along with their sires and dams, are acknowledged each year in the American Saddlebred Reference Directory. The deadline to be included in the 2010 American Saddlebred Reference Directory as part of the 2009 Saddlebred Record Champions section, is Monday, November 2. Any applications received and processed after that date will be included beginning in the 2011 issue of the Reference Directory.

For any questions about Saddlebred Record or conversion of prior Country Pleasure points, please contact Patricia Edwards or Susan Harris at

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