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Saddlebred Museum Preparing Exhibit for FEI Games

Lexington, Kentucky - As September 2010 and the opening of the World Equestrian Games in Lexington, Kentucky steadily approach, the American Saddlebred Museum is preparing for the arrival of the world at its front door. The museum plans to showcase the American Saddlebred horse in world class fashion for this unprecedented opportunity. The intention is to send international guests home full of enthusiasm and excitement about this wonderful and versatile breed!

Along with construction of a new wing and renovation of the Museum’s current exhibit space, preparations include a special exhibit called This is the American Saddlebred, to display the versatility of today’s American Saddlebred by showing it in all possible disciplines. To that end, the Museum is seeking photographs, film footage, trophies and memorabilia relating to Saddlebreds participating in sport horse and non-traditional disciplines and events.

"To mount an exhibit of this nature is definitely a departure from the Museum’s stated mission to preserve and display the history of our breed," says Kim Skipton, museum curator, "but the board of trustees feels that we must not miss this unparalleled opportunity to display the talents and capabilities of the Saddlebred. In order to be successful, we need the assistance and support of the entire Saddlebred community."

If you know of any Saddlebreds who have competed successfully in eventing, dressage, endurance, driving, CDE, parade, circus, or any events other than saddle seat, the museum is asking for your assistance in acquiring the loan of materials for this important exhibit. In order to mount a successful and impacting exhibit, over 100 images, ample film footage and 30 or so artifacts will be needed.

As a part of this special exhibit, the Museum will put together a film that highlights children and the reasons they love their Saddlebred. The Museum is requesting the submission of film clips of children and youth with their Saddlebred, showing and telling why their horse is so special. To be included in the clip, which should be 30–45 seconds in length, are the child’s first name, age, name of their horse, how long they’ve owned (or known) the horse and why it is special to them. The clip can show them on the horse, with or without tack, inside or outside, standing next to the horse or doing something extraordinary. Imagination is encouraged!

When 500,000+ international horse enthusiasts come to see the museum, it intends to present an exhibit that not only intrigues visitors, but also presents the American Saddlebred in its best light. The success of such an exhibit depends in large part on the support of the entire industry. If you have any hidden gems of historical significance, please share them with the museum during 2010. This is the time to display today’s Saddlebred participating in the myriad of disciplines in which he excels. The World Equestrian Games are a once in a lifetime chance to showcase the American Saddlebred. Let’s not miss it!

To offer your thoughts and ideas with us by phone, call (859) 259-2746, ext. 312, or by e-mail at

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