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Saddlebred Award Nominations Due


Lexington, Kentucky ­– With the competition season drawing to a close, final nominations from its membership for the American Saddlebred Horse Association’s individual awards are due at ASHA no later than the close of business Wednesday, November 15, 2006.


Each year, the Association’s highest honors are presented at the annual Saddlebred Ball, to be held at the Keeneland Entertainment Center to close the ASHA convention, on Saturday evening, February 17, 2007.  The awards, Lifetime Achievement, Meritorious Service, Breeders, C.J. Cronan Sportsmanship Award, Lurline Roth Sportsmanship Award, Frank Ogletree Youth Award, Gordon Jenkins International Award and the new Gillenwater Family Trophy, are explained in detail at


Beginning with this year’s presentation, a Breeder of the Year will be chosen based on performance success of breeders in the competition ring for 2006.  The Breeder of the Year award may be won multiple times by the same breeder, if performance success warrants.  One or more new inductions to the American Saddlebred Breeders Hall of Fame (to include previous winners of the former Breeders Award), based on career excellence and achievements in breeding Saddlebreds, will be made each year beginning in 2007. 


The directors will also consider the awarding of a new medal to one or more individuals, the Wing Commander Medal, “for individuals who have demonstrated outstanding service to the Association and the breed, and who, through their dedication, have attracted interest in the highest quality show horses in the breed and thereby contributed to advancing the popularity of American Saddlebreds to the public.”


Members wishing to make nominations should respond in writing explaining in detail why an individual is deserving of a specific award.  The nominations are reviewed by the Association’s Executive Committee and other committees as necessary; no more than 3 finalists in each category are chosen to be voted upon by the full Board of Directors in December.  All award winners receive a custom-crafted silver julep cup, and the Ogletree Youth winner also receives a lifetime membership in the ASHA.


Please send nominations to ASHA, c/o Brenda Newell, 4083 Iron Works Parkway, Lexington, KY 40511, by fax to 859/259-1628, or email to; please be sure to include “Award Nomination” in the subject line.



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