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Saddle Horse Report’s Fourth Annual Morgan Breeders’ Report

by Jennifer Styskal

Breeders are forever searching for ways to best the competition, whether it be in a new crossing of bloodlines or simply breeding to the top producing stallion. The Saddle Horse Report has added one more factor to a breeder’s calculations: the Breeders’ Report.

Implemented at the beginning of 2007, the Breeders’ Report is fashioned after our highly successful High Point Report. Points earned by this past season’s show horses are attributed to their sires and are then tallied. Points are broken down by division and category, so breeders can see who is not only siring the most successful show horses overall, but also who is the top producer in each division.

With results accumulated from over 240 horse shows across the nation, as well as overseas, it is a great way to keep track of the success of individual sires through their offsprings’ achievements in the show ring.

Breeders and owners can stay up to date on their stallions’ rating throughout the year by visiting the Breeders’ Report section at

Now for an overview of the top 20 overall sires of 2010.

When a stallion passes away, he never truly leaves this world. He leaves behind his legacy through his get, who carry on his name and bloodline into the future. For some, their legacy can be continued to be felt for years, for others decades. Four years after his death, Futurity French Command continues to dominate the stallion standings in the Breeders’ Report, just as he has done for the past three years. With 3,500 points separating Futurity French Command from the next stallion, the Carlyle Command and Nobelle son’s influence covers all divisions.

Some of the horses who propelled Futurity French Command to the top of the charts include MEM Heart And Soul in the park saddle division. Placing him at the top of the English pleasure chart were Optimus Prime, GLB Perfect Harmony, TTMF French Enchantress, CFF Personal Advantage, MEM La Vida Loca, Century Oak Acadia, and Fait Accompli, among others. Futurity French Command ranked second among pleasure driving sires with such champions as GLB Leader Of The Band, Total Request, Queen’s Johnny Angel, and Can’t You See MEM.

Futurity French Command ranked first as classic pleasure sire with MEM Just Alike, Le French Renaissance, C’est La Vie, MEM Taser, Rowenda French Twist, Indian Creek Warbird, Nicoria, and Med-E-Oka Nobel Prize as some of his champions. Placing their sire fifth as an in hand stallion were Cimi’s Avant Garde, CVH Celtic Challenger, Queen’s Johnny Angel, and One French Rose. Futurity French Command topped the western and hunter divisions as well. Some of his western champions include Cabot French Lieutenant, Rowenda Tout Fini, MJD French Quarter, GGG Cool Hand Luke, and Burkland French Tradition. Representing him in the hunter classes were MEM Once Again, Merriewold Diplomat, MEM Naughty But Nice, Pondview Picante, MEM Bailamos, MEM Virtual Reality, Cabot Betty White, MEM Virtual Insanity, and Apostrophe.

HVK Bell Flaire held on to his second place standing for the second year in a row. Owned by Barbara and Arthur Jones, Bell Flaire made his mark in five of the eight divisional rankings. He topped the park saddle, park harness, and pleasure driving divisions, while earning the third spot in English pleasure and fifth in classic pleasure. Credited for earning their sire points in park saddle were AMHF Belle Pepper, No Contest, SLB Da Vinci, Tara’s Firewalker, and PAF Ecstasy. In the park harness division were Dragonsmeade Fusion, RDZ Magie Noire, Tara’s Firewalker, and The Alchemist.

Representing Bell Flaire in pleasure driving were Cedar Creek Carillon, Lux Stargait Antares, Tomeri Tango, Indian Creek Bellagio, Cedar Creek With Bells On, Indian Creek Miss Margret, and GLB Bell Of The Ball, among others. In the English pleasure classes, Bellisimo, Dragonsmeade Vivace, Hello Kitty, Indian Creek Bellagio, Tara’s Fire And Ice, Goldencrest Northernlight, and Dragonsmeade’s Infusion were seen supporting their sire. Those who earned points in classic pleasure include Prada, JW Patty La Belle, Basic Black, Frontgate Freedom Rings, Thrilling Opportunity RMF, Belalugosi, and Cedar Creek Zephyr, just to name a few.

Tug Hill Whamunition held his spot in third for the second year in a row. The J. William Crawford family of Boston Morgans owns this productive son of Wham Bam Command and Fiddler’s Majesta. Tug Hill Whamunition saw 63 of his offspring enter the show ring, who earned enough points to place their sire second as an English and classic pleasure stallion and seventh as a pleasure driving sire. Some of this year’s stars who made Whamunition stand out in the English pleasure division are Enthusiastic, Skywarrior, L.A. Ricochet, Pacific Rim Take Aim, Twenty Two Magnum, Jessebelle, TE Ammunition, and CBMF Ricochet, to name a few. Among his classic pleasure champions are Ms Dinah Might, Treble’s Spring Loaded, Crown High Caliber, Boston’s Ladysmith, Miss Voodoo, Manhattan Society Girl, and Cherrydale Sudden Impact, among many others. In the pleasure driving division, Whamunition had The Noblest, Tomeri Awemunition, Dar Vale Savannah, Elizabeth Sue, QVM Jestine, TE Ammunition, and Merriehill Times Square.

Following the trend of holding onto his spot from last year, Ultra’s Special Agent remains in fourth, with 70 get making show ring appearances. A wealth of offspring showing, helped Ultra’s Special Agent into the top 10 of five of the divisional rankings. Placing their sire second on the hunter pleasure chart were Ultra’s Now And Forever, SPR Patriot, Renaissance Espionage, Alias, Springmill Madison, Ultra’s Perfect Timing, Ultra’s Special Glow, among many others. Special Agent ranked third among classic pleasure sires with such offspring as LPS Ultra Sweet, Ultra’s Philosophy Major, Ultra’s Special Diva, Ah La Lucie, Ultra’s My Girl, Ultra’s Bodyguard, Ultra’s Special Trademark, Ultra’s Play It Again, just to name a few.

Ultra’s Priority Male, Ah La Lucie, Ultra’s Talent Agent, Ultra’s Eragon, DRF Special Attraction, and Ultra’s Special Glow ranked their sire fourth in the in hand classes. Those who placed the sire sixth among western pleasure sires were Ultra’s High Definition, Bears Covergirl, Ultra’s Special Tribute, Bears Agent Double O Soul, and Ultra’s Liberty Bell. Rounding out the English pleasure stallions at number eight, Special Agent sired Hyland Acres Mystique, Ultra’s Special Delivery, SPR Pompeii, Ultra’s Private Eye, Ultra’s Special Diva, Ultra’s Pretty Woman, and Ultra’s My Girl.

Liberation First Star has rounded out the top five overall sires for the past three years. He continues to hold strong this year with 46 get competing for him. By Century Free Spirit and out of Liberation Starbrite, the Jacqueline Clapp-owned stallion has been deceased for a few years now, but remains a strong influence. His influence is most felt in park saddle, English pleasure, pleasure driving, western pleasure, and hunter pleasure. Keeping the Liberation First Star line strong in the park saddle division include KJM Five Star, Treble’s First Take, Temptation’s First Star, Springmill Stardust, Hylee’s Damnation, and MEM Star Power. Claiming points for their sire in the English pleasure division were MWR Illegal Motion, AWS Fruition, Partridge Hill Priority, and Briar Oaks Armani. Among his pleasure driving offspring were MCS Bandini, TSL Starcraft, Onstar, AMHF Star Studded Event, and BW Shrek. In the hunter division, Graycliff Miss Liberty, Narragansett Bay, Toast Of Broadway, Briar Oaks Rock My World, Treble’s Evening Star, and Graycliff Jack Star. Some of Liberation’s First Star’s western stars include CBMF Trading Up, MJL Rochallor, Playmor’s Imperial Star, Star Of Midnight, and Take The Stars.

One of the youngest stallions on the list, Mizrahi holds his place at number six from last year. By HVK Bell Flaire and out of a Wham Bam Command mare, nothing more needs to be said about the success and strength of this Playmor Farm stallion’s bloodlines. While balancing a career as a breeding stallion and show horse, Mizrahi topped the divisional charts in park saddle, park harness, English pleasure, and in hand. Some of the park horses who can attribute their success to Mizrahi were Dragonsmeade Icon, Dragonsmeade Bulgari, Mastroianni, Indian Creek American Girl, Queen’s Guardian, Queen’s Nightwatch, Queen’s Spice Girl, and Queen’s Newport Storm. Among his English pleasure get include Graycliff Tony, Miz Saturn Star, ECP Scandalous, Queen’s Fancy Me, Hawk, Miyake, Playmor’s Rodeo Drive, and Samuel Adams. Representing their sire’s in hand component included Dragonsmeade Icon, Mastroianni, Hylee’s Runway Reneer, Merriehill Black Label, RRG Mesmerize, Lexington Steel, and Playmor’s Here’s Johnny.

The third deceased stallion to hold a top 10 spot on the overall stallion list is Cedar Creekharlequin. He stays at number seven for the third year in a row. Owned by George Schott at the time of his death, the I Will Command son added to his achievements by landing third on the pleasure driving and hunter pleasure divisions. Keeping his memory alive in the pleasure driving classes were MEM Bad Boy, MEM Just My Style, AFF Leroy Brown, Lateda, and LGH Destiny’s Treasure. Earning points for him in the hunter division include Ladies Night, Attn Postmaster, MEM Look At Me, KJM Moulin Rouge, Hygreet’s Ivena, Graywood’s Kera, French Touch, Freddie Mercury, Elmhurst Quinlee, and CBMF Mind Games, among many others.

Another young sire rising up our charts is Astronomicallee, who moved up six spots from last year to rank eighth among some of the top stallions. Sired by the number one Breeders’ Report sire, Futurity French Command, and out of Liberation Starbrite, who is also the dam of Liberation First Star, Astronomicallee has been proving himself as a breeding stallion to owner C.A. (Tony) Lee III and the Morgan world. Astronomicallee topped the chart as an in hand sire, and ranked fifth as park saddle sires and eighth on pleasure driving. Exemplifying his in hand get are Merriehill Black Betty, Locutus, RWJ Ancora, HVMF Astro’s Victory Lane, Cedar Creek Flambeau, CBMF Stealth, Arcolas Mr RJ, and Rustic Vs Hearts On Fire, among several others. Numbering among his park saddle champions are Lake Holiday Magic, Love Her Madly, Cedar Creek Flambeau, and Straight Up. Of his pleasure driving offspring, there’s Cingate Starry Night, HVMF Astro’s Victory Lane, Harper Lee, Locutus, RRG Shiraz, Centaurus Rising, and CN Magical Moments.

Even though he has been deceased for a few years now, Nobility moved two spots up the chart to ninth. Owned by George Schott at the time of his death, the Noble Command and Lost River Sanfield son had 38 offspring in the show ring this year, who placed Nobility on the top 10 list of English pleasure sires. Some of his top get include Orrwood’s Special Edition, JW High In Command, Boxford Angelica, Raintree Picasso, HVK Proud Nobility, Noteworthy’s Nobel Heir, MEM Main Street, Legendary Nobelle Roz, Cherrydale Scarlet O’Hara, and Penncrest Persimmon, just to name a few.

Rounding out our top 10 stallions is Stonecroft Byzantine. He holds steady at number 10 from last year, joining his grandsire, Cedar Creekharlequin, as one of the top overall stallions of 2010. Owned by Donna Zimmerman, Stonecroft Byzantine’s offspring had the most success this year in park harness and classic pleasure. Placing their stallion fourth on the list of classic pleasure sires were GLB Amazing Grace, Libretto’s Bravado, BMF To Die For, CBMF Mozambique, Intrepid Behold, Firewind Venetian, and Cardinal Brook Alwaysbyzy. Representing Stonecroft Byzantine in the park harness division were Ryan’s Valentino and Cedar Creek Danseur.

Simply Maserati jumped five places from last year to rank 11th for owners Jennifer Keuhn and Nicole Panek. With 29 get in the ring this year, the Dancity Sojourn son ranked second among park harness sires and seventh on the classic pleasure chart. Simply Maserati is the sire of And The Beat Goes On, TES Infinity, VVM Mark My Words, Equinox Bugati, and Roadshow Unforgetable, who all represented their sire in the show ring.

Hollybrook Stage Rage made his first appearance on the Breeders’ Report this year in 12th place. Dr. James and Karen Shields own this son of Cedar Creekharlequin, our seventh place stallion. He ranked fourth in the classic pleasure ranks and ninth among in hand sires. Some of Hollybrook Stage Rage’s classic pleasure offspring include Rage, RCV All The Rage, Sunny Acres Stage Fright, and Willowick Center Stage. Making a name for their sire in the in hand division were Roberto Cavalli, Sunny Acres Magic Man, Seriously, MJL Stage Fire, and LBJ Pure Elegance.

Another new face to the Breeders’ Report is Minion Millennium. The son of Minion Valentino and Pompp And Pazazz came in at number 13 for owners Gary and Neecy Rohrs. With 26 get in the ring this season, Minion Millennium’s offspring had the most success in the park harness division where he ranked fourth and the hunter pleasure division where he was eighth. Among his park harness champions were MSV Miss Judy, Bri-B XTC, and Manhattan Sunrise. Those who numbered among his hunter pleasure were Lookaway’s On The Mark, Dragonfire Timeless, Cherrydale Madalena, MSV Miss Belle, Da Bomb, and SPR Toltec.

Fourteenth on our list is Immortal Command. By Waseeka’s In Command and out of UVM Vision, a UVM flash daughter, this elegant stallion has stayed consistent on the charts. Margaret Preston’s stallion had successful offspring showing across all divisions, especially in the classic pleasure and western pleasure classes. Putting their sire sixth on the classic pleasure list were Rum Brook Immortal Waltz, Rum Brook Immortal Knight, Red Barn Immortal Lass, Plum Haven Minuet, Festival Fanfare, Seaway St. Lawrence, and Festival Flamenco, among many others. In the western pleasure division, Immortal Command ranked seventh with such get as Wellspring Immortal Starr, Rum Brook Immortal Valor, Morgan Valley Takecommand, SDL Sunshine Daydream, WM Moonlight Bay, and Festival Casanova, to name a few.

Sire of our 10th ranked stallion and the second son of Cedar Creekharlequin on the list, Stonecroft Masquerade comes in at number 15. Owned and bred by Stonecroft Farm, Stonecroft Masquerade had top show horses in all divisions. Some of his notable offspring from this show season include Whispering Incognito, Stonecroft Byzantine, Stonecroft Neoclassic, CBMF Crown Prince, Stonecroft Notorious, Stonecroft Applique, AMHF Bal Du Masque, Stonecroft Liza, Century Mardi Gras, Whispering Masquerade, JJF The Big Easy, and Stonecroft Trinity, just to name a few.

Three Wishes is another new name to our Breeders’ Report and the second son of Noble Flaire to make the list. Out of a Treble’s Willy Wild mare, Three Wishes had 20 offspring carry his name in the show ring. Owned by Grand Cru Morgans, the late Three Wishes had get perform well in all divisions, but excelled in the hunter pleasure classes. Putting him sixth on the hunter pleasure chart were Grand Cru Valentino, Jeannie In A Bottle, Heartmeadow By Request, Hyland Acres Promising Wishes, PLF Wishful Thinking, Hyland Dynamic Wishes, and Till There Was You.

Beethoven returns to the Breeders’ Report at number 17. Another Noble Flaire son, Beethoven is out of the Waseeka’s In Command mare, Myblue Heaven. Owned by Dragonsmeade, Beethoven had 22 top show horses across all divisions. An example of his offspring are Dragonsmeade Bravura, Dragonsmeade Carnegiehall, Storyville, Dragonsmeade Courante, McCartney, Dragonsmeade Leilana, Claim To Fame, LBJ Designer Genes, Merriehill Isa Diva, Better Be Good To Me, Dragonsmeade Adagio, The Apprentice, RWF Paganini, and Preservation Hall, among many others.

CCR’s Outrajus Corajus is yet another new name on our list, further proving the Morgan industry has a promising future with such great stallions. By CCR’s Grand Command and out of Royal Victoria, Outrajus Corajus is owned by the partnership of Cecchettini, Wille, Rushton, and Hennessy. Outrajus Corajus saw 16 offspring hit the show ring, some of which placed him ninth on the pleasure driving chart. Some of his get include Aries Patton, Abalone, Hope Floats, Lucky As Me, Mrs. Steven Rudy, Glory Days, and Still The Same.

War And Peace represents the Copper Beech breeding program in his first appearance on the Breeders’ Report. By Century Free Spirit and out of the Cedarbrook Sensation mare, SBS Devilashe, War And Peace had 28 show horses in the ring. He had top get in all divisions, but ranked ninth among western pleasure sires in his first year on the Breeders’ Report. Some of his show ring stars were Hylee Blood Sweat & Tears, CBMF Whispers Of War, RBF Russian Roulette, CBMF War Games, Tolstoy, CBMF Art Of War, Foolish Games, and Personal Kode Of Honor.

The fourth and final Noble Flaire son to round out the top 20 overall sires is HVK Courageous Flaire. Out of the Vigilmarch mare Val’s Christy, Courageous Flaire stays in the rankings for the third year in a row. Owned by Heidi Kunkel, Courageous Flaire had 21 offspring in the ring, some who placed him sixth on the English pleasure list and eighth on the classic pleasure chart. Exemplifying Courageous Flaire’s get were Sarde’s Sinful, Comiskey Park, VVM By Design, CN The Commanding Touch, Flairageous, GLB Sanatra, Ready To Rumble, HBF Dynasty Flaire, Outrageous Courageous, Cherrydale Acapella, Cingate Shoot The Moon, and Crinoline’s Regal Flaire.

The Breeders’ Report continues to be populated by sires living and deceased, old and young, showing that many variables are at play in breeding for that next champion. Whether one is looking for that extra edge or is just curious about the latest trends in show horse breeding, the Breeders’ Report is a reliable tool for anyone.

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