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Saddle Horse Report’s Fourth Annual Breeders’ Report

Supreme Heir’s Influence Still Strongly Felt

by Jennifer Styskal

Breeders are forever searching for ways to best the competition, whether it is in a new crossing of bloodlines or simply breeding to the top-producing stallion. The Saddle Horse Report has added one more factor to a breeder’s calculations: the Breeders’ Report.

Implemented at the beginning of 2007, the Breeders’ Report is fashioned after our highly successful High Point Report. Points earned by this past season’s show horses are attributed to their sires and are then tallied. Points are broken down by division and category so breeders can see who is not only siring the most successful show horses overall, but also who is the top producer in each division.

With results accumulated from over 240 horse shows across the nation, as well as overseas, it is a great way to keep track of the success of individual sires through their offspring’s’ achievements in the show rings, both large and small. Breeders and owners can stay up to date on their stallions’ rating throughout the year by visiting the Breeders’ Report section at

Now for an overview of the top 20 overall sires of 2010.

A stallion’s greatness is often measured by the mark he leaves on a breed during his lifetime, as well as after his passing. Stallions who are emerging into the breeding world are compared to their counterparts who have gone before them; the best traits of their offspring matched against each other in the show ring. In the 2010 Breeders’ Report, the list of the top 20 sires is comprised of stallions who are considered some of the most influential of the breed, as well as young stallions who have proven themselves in the past few years. Several stallions on the list are no longer with us, yet their legacy continues to thrive in and out of the show ring. Meanwhile, the younger generation has proven itself to be something worth standing up and paying attention to.

Seven years have passed since his death, yet his presence is felt just as strongly as if he were still alive. Supreme Heir remains at the top of the Breeders’ Report with a resounding 3,000 point gap between him and the second place sire. While his lead over the competition has lessened slightly, as to be expected, his influence remains strong across all divisions. Looking at his pedigree, with the famed Supreme Sultan on his top line and world’s grand champion mare CH Supreme Airs BHF (by Stonewall Supreme) on the bottom, it is easy to see why Supreme Heir has done so well over the decades. Former breeding manager Joan Lurie also attributes his success to his offspring’s’ easy trainability, the diversity of their abilities, and their high quality. Supreme Heir provided champions in every division for former owners, Hallston Manor of Clay, N.Y.

The brilliant chestnut stallion was bred by the late Mrs. F.D. Sinclair and shown to world’s champion titles as a two and three-year-old by Redd Crabtree. He retains his top position as a sire of three-gaited and pleasure show stars, while also coming in sixth as a sire of five-gaited and fine harness champions. Pages could be written on the champions he has produced, but some who put him in the top once again this year include I’m McDreamy, CH An Heir About Her, Salt Heir, Heired Up, CH Heir’s Halo, Heir’s Treasure, Amelia Heir Cat, CH Hank Heiron, Supreme Spotlight, Heir Comes The Man, Heirrison Ford, CH His Supreme Reflection, The Majestic, CH Lightnin Lil, CH Sweet Virginia, among many, many others. With the longevity of his offspring, it is assured Supreme Heir will remain a vital force in the breeding world for many years to come.

Chasing after the number one spot on the Breeders’ Report for the third year in a row, Blythewood Farm’s CF First Night Out maintains his position while closing the distance between him and first place. CF First Night Out is a name familiar in the show ring and the breeding shed, ranking number one on Saddle Horse Report’s World’s Champion Living Sire list for the last five years. Within the Breeders’ Report, First Night Out is in the top 10 of division sires for five-gaited and three-gaited, and is reserve as a pleasure sire. The great bay stallion claims World’s Grand Champion CH Night Prowler and the New Yorker daughter, Happy Twenty-First, on his pedigree, and that bloodline has created much success for other breeders and should continue to do so for many more years.

The show ring stars of 2010 who placed their sire in second place of pleasure sires include CH Take A Guess, CH Teuschers, CH Hard Days Night TS, CH CF First Light Of Dawn, I’m Fantabulous, Lady’s Great Night Out, Because I Said So, Just Heavenly, among many others. Some of First Night Out’s successful five-gaited get who have done well this past year include Ava Gardner, Out With The Ladies, Cavalia, First Lover, So About Last Night, The Next Big Star, Game Night, Out In Dixie, and Sugared Out. Those among First Night Out’s three-gaited and park champions include CF Burn Out, The Twelfth Night, CH First Asset, CH Yes It’s True, Stonecroft Nightlight, and The Black Horse.

Long-necked, refined, with a beautiful bay coloring, Periaptor stamps his get with the same qualities, moving him into third place this year. A line-bred Wing’s Fleet Admiral son of CH Courageous Admiral and Eliana, Periaptor excelled as a sire of three-gaited champions, ranking second in the division, as well as fourth and fifth in the pleasure and fine harness divisions, respectively. Periaptor has been a proven sire for the Loose family, and has only gotten better with age.

Some of the stars who put their sire in the top of the three-gaited rankings include Simbara’s Bountiful, CH Sue Me, CH Sue She, Brookhill’s Periday, CH Highland Cavalier, Maxed Out, Brookhill’s Glam Slam, Peri Affair, Twice Nightly, and Periaptor’s Dancing Star. Brookhill’s Kool As Ice, Buttoned Down, Periaptus Infinitus, Princess Alison, Shady Creek’s Sensation, CH Royal Messenger, Quilan, Haunting, Tuffy’s Commander, Arrowhead’s Captain Morgan, and Soquili’s Sir Galahad represented their sire in the pleasure division. In the fine harness section, Platinum Moon, Booger, Promise Keeper, Voulez Vous, In Touch, and CH Gone Platinum did well in the show ring representing Periaptor.

With a flaxen mane and tail and natural ability, it’s hard to mistake the get of Catalyst. The son of Manhattan Supreme and Lakeview’s Captured Angel features the blood of New Yorker on the top and Wing’s Fleet Admiral on the bottom and ranked fourth this year after holding the third place position for the past two years. Owned and standing under the direction of Dick Kearney, Catalyst hit the top 10 lists of all four divisions. He made the number three spot on the pleasure list with get like Miraculous Odds, He’s Catalyst Delight, Heads Will Turn, The Smooth Operator, Startalyst, Mystic Affair, Breathe, CH Catalyst Commander, Respectfully Yours, CH Last Cat Standing, and Sophisticat. Catalyst hit number five on the three-gaited divisional list with Cataclysmic, Moriah’s Catnip, Cat’s My Daddy, Cat Attack, The Velvet Cat, A Promise Fulfilled, and Albelarm High Fidelity carrying on his name. Placing their sire eighth on the fine harness list were Catalytic, Kendall Jackson, Without Compromise, Frere Jacque, and Catalyst Merry Lee. CH Colonel Hoss, CH Carolina Cat, Happy Again, Bell View’s Safe Harbour, Catalyst’s Blonde Ambition, CH Intriguing Masterpiece, and Catalyst’s Work Of Art put their sire in the top 10 of five-gaited sires.

The first of Tony Weldon’s Callaway Hills stallions to make the list is Callaway’s Blue Norther. The Saddle Horse world lost this great figurehead not long ago, yet Blue Norther’s get keep him on the Breeders’ Report at number five. By the great World’s Grand Champion Will Shriver and out of the Royal Rambler mare Royally Blue, Blue Norther’s bloodlines will be highly sought after for years to come. He is the top producer of five-gaited champions, moving up from third last year, and ranked sixth among pleasure sires, where he ranked 10 the previous season.

Blue Norther’s gaited offspring filled show rings across the country. Some of his top champions include World’s Champion Five-Gaited Stallion Callaway’s Bluesman, Callaway’s Karla, The Inside Story, CH Callaway’s Born To Win, CH Callaway’s Banner Headline, Callaway’s Blue Blood, Callaway’s Eight Below, Ghostly Blue, Callaway’s Winning Ways, CH Callaway’s Carnival In Rio, and A Whole Different Story, just to name a few. Those representing Blue Norther in the pleasure divisions include Callaway’s Cumulus, Callaway’s Summer Solstice, CH Callaway’s Halley’s Comet, Callaway’s Embarkation, Callaway’s To Be Continued, Callaway’s Set The Bar, Callaway’s High & Mighty, CH Callaway’s Northern Fling, and Callaway’s Fox Jackson.

I’m A New Yorker continues to climb the sire ratings. He moved up one stop from last year, coming in at number six. By New Yorker and out of the Denmark’s Bourbon Genius mare Sentimentalist, the offspring of George and Linda Nash’s stallion made headlines in the five-gaited and three-gaited divisions. Placing their sire second on the five-gaited list were Joe Fabulous, CH Freaky Links, Twilight Maxamillion, Hannah Montana, Fashion Avenue, Got The Ticket, Grand Master Flash, CH Spirit Of New York PSF, and Cary On Broadway MBA, among others. I’m A New Yorker ranked seventh on the three-gaited list with Romance In New York, CH New York’s Perfect Gift, Diamonds I Am, Stonecroft All That Jazz, Captain Calypso, The New York Look, and Jamaica Fortune earning points for him.

One of the foundation sires of Happy Valley Farm’s modern day breeding program, World’s Champion Merchant Prince jumped up three places from last year to rank seventh in 2010 for Bit Hutcheson. With Mountain Highland Memories on the top line and the famed mare World’s Champion CH Buck Creek’s Precious Princess on the bottom, Merchant Prince is known for stamping his get with a good four-cornered trot and lots of presence. These traits have placed Merchant Prince third on the three-gaited list and ninth among pleasure sires. Some of his three-gaited get who had success this year include CH Marching Orders, CH Heathermoor’s Prince, CH The Great Gaspar, Like A Rocket, The King’s Lady Anne, It’s Z Prince, Up Close & Personal WRF, Slapshot, and Omerta, among others. Among his pleasure offspring Be Advised, Tubac, CH Callaway’s Royal Request, Nordic Prince, Mercantile Exchange, African Chanti, Crowned Prince, Merchant’s Perfect Picture, My Sweet, and Jazz Prince added to the point total with their winning performances.

Sir William Robert’s success as a breeding stallion should come as no surprise. He made his first appearance on the Breeders’ Report last year, and moved up nine spots to be ranked ninth in 2010. Out of a CH Heir To Champagne daughter of Cherry Rebel, Sir William Robert is by a fellow Breeders’ Report sire, World’s Champion Of Champions Santana’s Charm. With such outstanding bloodlines and two fine harness world’s championships himself, it’s no shock Thomas Galbreath’s stallion is the number one sire of fine harness horses and eighth of three-gaited champions. Numbering among his fine harness offspring are Madison Brown, HS Dignitary, Sir Radiant Knight, Hillcroft Crown Jewel, A Magical Melody, Sir Scandalous, Edwina, Roberta Belle, and Dancing With Me. Some of his three-gaited stars include Let’s Talk, With Style And Grace, Daimler, Sir Robin Hood, Sir Raymond Ross, HS Daydream’s Believe In Me, The Mighty Mouse, Love The Blues, HS Daydreams Come True, and My Dear Sir. A lot of Lexington, Louisville and Kansas City winners are in those groups.

Another figurehead of the famed Callaway Hills’s breeding program, World’s Champion CH Caramac remains in the top 10 of overall sires in spite of his absence from the breeding shed. Like his former barnmate, Caramac is by CH Will Shriver and out of a Vanity’s Sensation Of Crebilly mare, Stonehedge Vanity. But even years after his death, Caramac is still the third most successful sire of five-gaited champions and fifth among pleasure sires. Helping to put Caramac in third of five-gaited sires were world’s champions Callaway’s Annabel Allison and Callaway’s Cassis in addition to Undulata’s Kipling, Bluebonnet’s Wild Thing, Callaway’s Already Gone, Callaway’s Double Diamonds, Callaway’s Gabriele, Callaway’s Duchess Of Caramac, and CH Caramac’s Capital Gain. Among his pleasure offspring who had success this past season were CH Callaway’s Queen Of Crimson, CH Callaway’s Where There’s A Will, Callaway’s Investigative Reporter, Carissimo, Callaway’s Jack Frost, Callaway’s Maeve Macquillen, Callaway’s Compatible, Callaway’s Royal Mark, Cara Clara, Callaway’s On Line, and Callaway’s Cassandra.

Designed is another relative newcomer to the Breeders’ Report but like nearly every stallion in the Top 10 he was a world’s titleholder as a show ring performer. He came in 19th last year on the Breeders Report and moved up nine spots to round out our Top 10. Redwing’s popular stallion is by our number nine stallion, CH Caramac, and out of Redwing Farm’s great producer Sultan’s Dianna BHF. With successful offspring in every division, Designed also stepped into the top 10 ranks of fine harness and pleasure sires. Placing their sire in the seventh spot of fine harness sires include UPHA Fine Harness Classic Grand Champion Irresistible Design, She’s Too Much, Designed For Success, Reedann’s Designed To Dance, Sasha Fierce, and Rocket Design. Redesigned, CH Pierre Cardin, Ooh Yes I Can, Dressedfortheparty, Lenore’s Maddies Design, Jessica McClintock, Destined, Who, Reedann’s Designed For Victory, Cassini, and Perfectly Designed represented their sire in the pleasure divisions.

To prove that while some of the older sires may be gone, their presence will never be forgotten, CH The King Of Highpoint comes in at number 11, only down one spot from last year. His offspring have had success in every division, but this Sultan’s Contract and Indiana Flame cross prevailed mostly in the pleasure division, putting The King Of Highpoint at number eight in the division rankings. The former John T. Jones stud had his memory carried on in the show ring by Highpoint’s Supreme Thunder, Highpoint’s Grandee, Coco Loco, The King’s Redemption, Highpoint’s Fancy Cat, Highpoint’s Royal Flame, CH The King’s Reflection, CH May Issue, Super Rooster, CH The King’s Man, The King’s Champagne, and The King’s Will.

Gypsy Santana makes his first appearance on the Breeders’ Report this year, taking 12th place. Bred and owned by James Stewart, Gypsy Santana is by World’s Grand Champion Sultan’s Santana, who is by Supreme Sultan, sire of Supreme Heir, our number one stallion on the Breeders’ Report. On his bottom line, Gypsy Santana has Kalarama’s Gypsy Lady, who is also the dam of the recently deceased great gaited World’s Champion Gypsy Supreme. Some of Gypsy Santana’s winning get in 2010 were World’s Champion Of Champions CH A Cinderella Story, World’s Champion My Gypsy Moon, Gypsy’s Spot Check, Aphrodite’s Tears, Daddy O, CH Glendale’s Bonnie Lass, The Victory Pass, Salty Santana, Undulata’s Sentinel News, Santana’s Gypsy Gal, Gypsy’s Party Doll, He Reigns, and Karaoke, among several others.

World’s Champion Five-Gaited Stallion with Virgil Helm, Desert’s Supreme Memories makes a second appearance in the number 13 spot. A great grandson of Wing’s Fleet Admiral on the top side and a grandson of Mountain Highland Memories on the dam’s side, the Desert’s Supreme Admiral son moved up a spot from last year for owner Roberta Rassieur. Contributing to their sire’s success were Junior Three-Gaited World’s Champion Of Champions Real Action, Junior Exhibitor Five-Gaited Pleasure World’s Champion Of Champions Desert’s Supreme Kid, I’m Goin Out Tonight, What Was I Thinking, Odyssey Man, What About Phil, Re Energized, Diamond Memories, On View, Man At The Helm, Yale Man, and Benelli, among many others.

While Supreme Heir left some large shoes to fill at Willowbank Farm, Attache’s Thunderbolt has worked hard to fill them. With performance abilities from his sire Attache and beauty from his Valley View Supreme dam, Sweet Sharon Supreme, Attache’s Thunderbolt has produced offspring who have been successful in the five-gaited, three-gaited, and fine harness divisions. This senior Willowbank stallion ranked in the top 10 of those divisions. Among his five-gaited get are Thunder’s Fair Lady, Thunderstorm Warning, Liquid Thunder, Bourbon Sky, Attache’s Crown Royal, Last Serenade, and My Moonlite Serenade. Some of his successful three-gaited offspring include CH The Attache Orchid, Cloudsplitter, Attache’s Rainmaker, A Solar Flare, Heavenly Thunder, Attache Allure, CH Thunder Cloud Nine, and Stonehedge Supreme Contender. Joe Friday, Sweet Pickle, and Kiss Of Thunder were some of Attache’s Thunderbolt’s fine harness stars giving him an array of world’s champions in all three performance divisions.

Undulata’s Nutcracker is another Willowbank star that makes his first appearance on the Breeders’ Report, this year in the 15th slot. Saddle Horse Report’s number one overall sire of World’s Champions this year is just getting enough get out there to now make an impact on the Breeders Report. Owned by Swanson and Jampsa LLC, Nutcracker has become known for stamping his get with a long neck and athletic ability. Proving this point is his third and fourth place ranking on the fine harness and three-gaited divisions, respectively. Demonstrating the success of the CH Caramac and Christmas In New York ERB cross in the fine harness division are World’s Champions Night Tide and Alde Mar’s Crystal Piston as well as Reserve World’s Champion Undulata’s Fashion Plate, Front Row Frankie, I’m In Heaven, and Soquili’s The Nutcracker Prince. Displaying their sire’s ability to produce three-gaited/park champions are Nutcracker Ballerina, Undulata’s Just Plain Nuts, Undulata’s Susan Mcgee, Soquili’s Georgia Kracker, S’More Undulata, Got Sox Appeal, A Sweet Inspiration, and The Nutty Professor, among many others.

New Yorker’s second son to make the Breeders’ Report list is World’s Champion Harlem Globetrotter who appears in the rankings at 16. Out of the Hall Of Fame broodmare Putting On Airs, Harlem Globetrotter stands at Kalarama Farm where he has produced top show horses over the years. His second dam is World’s Grand Champion CH Supreme Airs, the dam of our number one sire, Supreme Heir. Keeping their sire’s reputation as a top breeding stallion were Harlem’s Showman, Prom Dress, Cool Down Papa, CH Harlem’s Hot Ticket, CH Under Oath, Harlem’s Worldly Lady, Harlem’s Leading Star, Corsage, Mahvalous Knight, I’m Bewitched, Harlem Divine, Harlem’s Last Call, and Simply Enough, among many others.

Mountain Highland Memories makes yet another appearance on the Breeders’ Report with grandson Attache’s Royal Asset hitting the number 17. Owned and bred by Dickey Davis, Royal Asset sports World’s Champion Five-Gaited Stallion Attache’s Liquid Asset on his top line and World’s Champion Five-Gaited Mare Royal Memories, by Mountain Highland Memories, on the bottom. This season Attache’s Royal Asset’s offspring had great success in the three-gaited division where he came in at number 10. Proving the quality of the Attaché and Mountain Highland Memories cross were Brookhill’s Passion Punch, More Than Enough, Lady Bravada, He’s A Royal Pepper, Most Definitely Diamonds, CH And I’m Stickin To It, Fort Chiswell’s Prince Charming, All Mighty, He’s Legend, Royal Reins, and Divine Asset, just to name a few.

Eighteenth on the list is another great stallion that is no longer with us. Amateur Five-Gaited World’s Champion Of Champions Santana’s Charm is not only the sire of Sir William Robert, who is our number eight overall sire, but he has also produced numerous world class show ring stars over the years. Formerly owned by Bridget Parker, Santana’s Charm crosses Sultan’s Santana’s bloodline with Vanity’s Belle, who is by Vanity’s Sensation Of Crebilly. Santana’s Charm’s get have been seen in every division with such stars as Junior Five-Gaited World’s Champion Of Champions Marc Of Charm, multi-titled World’s Grand Champion CH Our Charming Lady, Mojo, Tremendously Charming, I’m Something Wicked, My Silver Lace, CH My Southern Charm, CH Our Silver Charm, Gotta Be Charmed, Sensational Charm, among many others.

One of the most memorable World’s Champion In Hand Yearlings, Phi Slama Jama is yet another stallion that passed away only a few years ago and still keeps a presence on the Breeders’ Report. Reedannland’s figurehead stallion was known for producing beautiful horses and many top pleasure horses and he is still in the top 10 on the pleasure chart. By CH The Karankawa Chief and out of Wild And Lovely PH, Phi Slama Jama’s legacy carries on through such stars as Sedona Red, We Be Jammin, CH Reedann’s Phine By Me, Philosopher, Sienna Gold, Concrete Blonde, The Norseman, Highpoint’s New Style, Reedann’s High Phlier, CH In The Zone, Lakeview’s Rare A Phi, CH Inphallible, Phaire Rebecca, among many others.

Rounding out our top 20 stallions on the Breeders’ Report is Star Material. Owned by Larry Hartstock, Star Material has produced some great talent over the years with his Talent Town and Stonewall’s Main Event bloodlines. While his offspring have had success in all divisions, Star Material’s numerous five-gaited champions put him fifth in the divisional rankings. Some of those champions include Lexington’s Five-Gaited Grand Champion Walterway’s What About Me, Walterway’s Remember Me, Star Dreamer, Walterway’s Pardon Me, Last Shot Of Tequila, My Starissa, CH Tip Me Do, Wasabi, and Hollywood Material.

While the Saddle Horse world has lost some top breeding stallions in the last few years, it has gained several promising up-and-coming youngsters, as well as the time-tested, champion-producing aged stallions. Those who have left us over the past few years will continue on with their sons who are climbing the rankings. In the next few years, the breeding charts will see a shifting of names as new sires rise to the top and the established ones maintain their reputation. Visit during the coming show season to see how offspring of the top-producing stallions move their sires up and down the charts.

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